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Without realizing it, I am making this as a bi-monthly update.

Even though I have utilize all my leaves, I managed to take one unpaid leave for this trip. We didn't planned for a high-cost diving trip this year as we were going to Iceland soon this year end, therefore we just tagged along for a cheap and nice dive trip. I love Perhentian. I actually took my Open Water and Advanced there with Ethel Toloni, my then-instructor at Seahorse. This time, we didn't go back there. We were with Turtle Bay Divers since we got a cheap package at MIDE. 

30th June - 2nd July

If you're expecting pictures of sea creatures, sorry to disappoint, underwater photography is not my thing. I leave that to my boyfriend with his GoPro. I can't think of a memorable creature... just a lot of giant puffer fish in this trip and a lot of the common fishes. Oh, I'm so lazy I didn't bother to write into my dive log anymore. Unfortunately, I don't know the count of my dives too. That is kind of bad. I'm not inspiring anyone to do the same. I think having a log book is great. It just that I finished mine, and I don't want to buy a new one. I printed some myself but I never did bind them together, so it's kind of hard to bring along.

I'm back to blonde again. This time, I bleached my hair myself. I figured it was way cheaper for me to do it at home but it was time-consuming. But anyway, even if I did went to the saloon, it's hard to make a last-min appointment in Malaysia.. for a good saloon I mean. 
These are the things I bought online mostly and the cost of each item. 
  1. Masil Bleach - 5$ each x 7 = 35$
  2. La Riche Directions Hair Dye White Toner - 8.50$ x2 = 17$
  3. La Riche Directions Hair Dye Pastel Pink - 8.50$ x2 = 17$
  4. Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector 100ml - 32.90$
  5. Matrix So Silver Purple Shampoo 300ml - 24.90$
I bought 7 boxes for 3x bleach attempt. Used 2 boxes for my black hair part, twice. Then I used 3 boxes for the whole hair on the third time to get rid of the old hair-dye colour. I bleach once every 2-3 days, because I usually do it at night and it takes quite a long time to bleach every time. The bleach is good, but with 3x I didn't get the colour that I wanted. It was still a bit too dark for me. Some of my hair was becoming so brittle, it feels like thin noodles. Those easily came off when I brush them. I kind of panicked but luckily it didn't fall off in chunks and it was okay after a few days. Then I proceed to tone with La Riche and dyed pink. 
La Riche is shit. Don't buy them, the toner felt like it only lifted a bit of the yellow colour. It wasn't as strong as Wella's (T18). The hair dye? WORST. My hair wasn't pink at all, it gave an orange tint instead to my newly bleached hair, and just a tiny little itsy bitsy pink on my old bleached hair. It was so bad.
The last two items that I bought are mostly for maintenance. Olaplex did help, I felt my hair was stronger and smoother after a few times of using it. The purple shampoo was also working for me, my hair wasn't as yellow. I used this once a week for both. 

Then I actually bought a second batch of items... Because my roots were growing fast, and I want to dye my hair again. 
  1. Matrix Light Master 500g bleach powder - 21.90$ 
  2. Wella Charm Toners T18 (2 bottles) - 25.80$
  3. Wella Charm Creme Developer 20 volume 32oz - 28.90$
  4. LimeCrime Hair Dye - 26.90$ x2 - 53.80$
I think I was more hardcore the second time, I was not using any kit anymore. I was ready to open a saloon in my house. I figured it was cheaper to buy a big pack of bleach and developer if I want to maintain my blonde hair. But after doing a root touch-up and a 4th bleached on my previously black/bleached hair.. I already feel like giving up. It was really tricky especially doing the back of my hair (practically impossible without 2 mirrors or a person helping), and I kept touching my old bleached hair, so some of them melted and my whole head feels frizzy and noodle-like again. Not only that, my root is now super patchy. So I went over it again but only doing the black hairs. Then I didn't care anymore, I proceeded to tone it. 
Though I have to say I did like my present hair even though it's like touching dry grass. I think after a few tries of doing hair mask and Olaplex, it should be okay. I'm going to dye it again this coming weekend. Can't wait to try! 

Anyway, the total damage was 69$ for my first bleach and dye attempt, maybe around 100$ for the touch-up and whole head dye attempt. Minus the leftover bleach powder and developer of course. I still have them on hand for future bleaching.. if I ever felt like it again. Lime crime is super expensive, maybe because it's only sold in the US. Not much resellers here yet, therefore it was a bit *kaching*. But I saw that it really gives very vibrant colour pay-off from a friend of my brother's so thought of using it.
I think I'm very proud of meself now, I saved like half of my money by doing this at home. I remember paying RM550-600 (like around 200$) for bleaching and dying my hair last time although the end-result is more even.. but I don't mind since I'm paying a lot less now. 

Went for a date at the zoo during Rainforest Lumina. Basically, you go into the zoo, without any animals and there's a lot of light installation. It felt sort of like Avatar or an elf town at night. It's not amazing but it's definitely interesting. We took like a whole hour to complete the walk. An hour is not too much because we were also stopping here and there to take pictures. 

Unfortunately, since this is me being me, I had to complain.. about this thing that the other visitors was doing. I do not understand why some people take these photos with flash. I mean, what's the point??? These installations are best seen in dark places not with flash. That defeats the purpose?? What was the aim here? A photo with your oily face and shitty background? Babe, you can do that anywhere, don't do it here. Cause these people are ruining it for everyone who wanted to enjoy the view without being bombarded by flashes here and there. Not only once or twice okay.. like 1243423x times. 
Okay.. Rant end. 

I was on Keto for 4 weeks (less actually, since I was practically half-assing it on week 4 and eating food that ain't low on carb some times because outside food). The ingredients was quite expensive because I'm mostly referring to western recipes... Meaning a lot of cheese, mayo, and some fancy spices. 

Anyway, I'm mostly following this 7-days meal plan for the whole 4 weeks. 
Out of all these that I've tried, Thai chicken zoodle soup and the creamy tuscan garlic chicken were delicious! I don't mind going keto over these yummies.


The last two pictures are my "outside" meals. The poke was so salty.. Not that these are very interesting at all, but since I have photos of them, so I decided to upload it. 

Anyway, I did lose some weight from keto, like around 1.1kg in those 4 weeks. 

Then, I did a 12 days fruit detox, which I lost another 1kg

Then, I ate like a madman for a week, and gained back 2 kgs now. I don't know why I made myself go through this when I can just eat like normal and just stay the same weigh. LOL.

Despite that, I did feel a lot more confident in my body in those short time when I was a lot lighter. At least I don't feel like sh*t that much like before. I still don't feel like one right now though. So, maybe it was good after all?? I don't know. But keto does work if you can resist carbs for a long time. I can't. I live for rice and bread. Even though I am avoiding them mostly. 

And I was craving for afghan biscuit for quite awhile, I made them and finished most of them. No wonder I gained back my weight. And do you see that golden goodness on the right? Great butter chicken at Sim Lim Square. Thanks to my colleague who introduced it to me. I'm missing out so much during those diet. Why are good food unhealthy?!?!

I decided to start back crocheting and teaching some tutorials online now. I'm mostly focusing on SkillShare right now, I thought of YouTube too but.. I don't know, it feels a bit too hard to get it known but maybe I shall upload it on both. SkillShare has a standard to follow for all the classes, so it might be good for me to really force myself to plan the videos in a better way. I got striked the other day for half-assing my class.
Anyway, if you're interested, please go here! -> https://skl.sh/2mxr2AE

I also went crazy over some new hobbies that I picked up. Journaling, watercolour, and stamping. Then I bought a lot of stuff.... Which I used like once or twice, and is now resting in my cupboard. HAHAHA. Even journaling, I have been very active in the first week, but now going to the 4th week, I don't know what to write in there anymore because nothing much is happening in my life. So, I don't have anything to write. I think it is not good for me to force myself. So I'll forgive myself  for not scribbling in everyday. 

My first watercolor attempt. Learnt via Youtube tutorial. I don't know if it's my brush or the paper or the water colour brand that I bought. The quality of the colours looks so different from the one I usually see those pro water colour artist using. I am still not ready to splurge on expensive tools though. 

I wonder how I arrange my timing for all of these. I think mostly that is why I procrastinate my dreams and more pressing hobbies that I should focus on. But anyway, I'm going to do a quick.. review I guess. Not that many people come and read but I'm just doing this for fun. If you're not a gamer, you can skip this section. This is only for the nerds. 

Dissidia NT is utter bullcrap, there wasn't any "story mode".. Well, technically there is, but unfortunately, it really is, just stories. Like literally. You don't get any fighting stage in order to proceed. You need to play free tournament mode, to get this.. this.. key to unlock the story which only really tells you the story/plays a video. Do you get what I mean? Anyway, I played the old Dissidia before on PSP, and it was way way different. But this one, the graphic isn't even that great and then they decided to change how to play the game. You know what sorry, but after playing for like 3 rounds, I didn't feel like continuing anymore.

Ni No Kuni II was something special for me. But #1, Studio Ghibli is involved in this project, therefore I already fell in love before I played the game. Luckily the game did not disappoint and they delivered. Easily clocked in 80+ for this (if you are also doing the side quest, and maybe more if you want to collect them all). I only finished the story but I did not aim to do all the extra side quest at the end. It's quite unique on it's own and it kind of gives me the nostalgic PS2 RPG game system which is nice. 

Image result for god of war ps4

Another great game! God of War truly lives up to it's expectation. I've played the older one before on PS2, it's very different but yet they still retain some important stuff. I love the combat system, how you can unlock and upgrade the skills (it's using XP now instead of souls, not as menacing now). Most of all, I like the father and son interactions. Most of the dialogues are so funny even though Kratos is not.. but that's what makes it funny. I finished this game quite fast but again, I did not finish the extra side quest. Just didn't feel like it after I finished the main story. 

BOOOOIII! *inside joke*

Yonder is like a survival game/harvest moon-ish with a very open world, no specific story line. You have to find out what to do yourself, and the world they have is SO big. Unfortunately, I find some of the objectives very.. directionless. Like the game itself. And the travel ruin is a bit confusing for me. It's a good game if you want to waste time on. But it doesn't have a storyline. 

Just Dance 2017 is fun! I think my mum and aunt enjoyed this more than me. It gives 60days of free access to online music but I find the Wi-Fi system on the switch so bad, that it always have error accessing the server. Therefore, always quitting in the middle of a song, which is very annoying. Not much music on the physical game itself but it is still a fun multiplayer game to have. 

Zelda... Ah, the most raved game on Switch. I think it still is. I could easily clock in 100+ on this game. Although the system is now very different from the one I knew. You know simple menu, simple items, simple fighting system.. Yeah, all of those are gone. You have now creatures you can catch, big and small monsters to kill, mini-bosses you can find loitering around the world, fruits to collect, food and elixir recipes to cook for different reasons, equipment to buy and upgrade and they all have different abilities, oh and weapons that constantly break so you have to find a new one. I mean I love everything but I just hope the weapon doesn't break easily. Because it's hard to find strong weapons in the game to help you survive. Even the puzzle stage is different now. Instead of knowing where to go, you have to find it yourself. A lot of side quest too which is also quite engaging. Open world is also huge. I have played the game for like 2 weeks, and I have only discovered maybe 40% of the map.

Image result for nier ps4

Though I still have a few more games I haven't started, I got my hands on Nier. Because I just felt like it. It was selling for 35$ which I thought was cheap but recently I checked again, somebody was selling for 30$. Ugh.. Well, nvm. I'm still not planning to start yet. I feel like I should finish Zelda first before I get started. Good luck to me. 

My last musical that I went to was 3 years ago in London. Actually, I think The Lion King was actually showing in London that time, but my aunt couldn't get a seat for us so we went on to another musical instead. It was my first time and I find it to be brilliant (trying to sound posh here). And this year, they made their way to Singapore. 

Actually, at the beginning of the year, Isabelle did asked me if I wanted to go together then it went quiet for awhile. Then she came and ask me again in July. It was last minute, but let's be honest. Last minute plannings are the one that always works best. So, we bought tickets and met there! 

I had goosebumps and I did cry a bit. The Mufasa death scene always gets me. Anyway, they did tweak some conversations to suit Singaporean audience, I think that was clever of them. It was very nostalgic hearing some of the classic songs from the movie and also a few new songs but I still prefer the old ones. Maybe because of the familiarity. 

It was my first time hiking in Broga hill. Is this my first or second hike this year? Somehow I remember hiking before but I am not really sure. I think my memory is failing me. Anyway, went hiking with my hometown girls, this is very rare. I'm happy everyone can meet! It's quite difficult with everyone's schedule, but I'm glad we made time for it. 

We only made it to the first hill, then the cloud was looking very ominous, so we went down after. It was raining a bit during the journey back down. The climb was okay but climbing down, man, that was another level. But I feel relieved that my foot was working well now. 

I don't know why I wanted to go to the Singapore Museum Maybe because it was something that we could do for a date without spending too much. It was free entry anyway. We went on a weekday night too. I didn't know Singapore Museum was closed, so we had to make out way to 8Q building which was just nearby. It's small compared to the original museum and I think we only spent like 30mins or so looking at all the galleries they have. There wasn't much to see. 

He is so busy these days I only see him for like half of the month since he is always travelling out of Singapore. And when he is in Singapore, both of us are out working and usually he comes back late in the evening. I think I am reacting to it better now, since I have my cats, my games, and my hobbies. It keeps me occupied and less time to overthink things. Maybe it is better this way... Okay, maybe a bit too personal. 

And of course, this round featuring sleeping cats. 

I don't think I deserve that death stare.

Talk about timing

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