8/12/12 Not a good day

Finally, it's the long awaited weekend. It felt like aeons since I have a perfectly lazy weekend for myself. Well, not really, it's exactly 2 weeks ago in human time. And it's not really a "lazy" weekend since I had to wake up earlier today to get myself ready and packed up my things and drove back to SA to meet my family. We went for lunch and a movie at The Paradigm Mall.

I was half-absent although my feet are on the mall's ground. My mind was flying off to somewhere. Let's just put it this way...

I was not in the mood to eat, hear, talk or whatever.


At least this movie cheered up a little of my day. 
And honestly, this is way much better than Life of Pi in my honest opinion. I was captivated at every moment, not boring for me at all. Hey, I know it's a "cartoon" film so I think many people will choose not to watch this, but it's truly entertaining. Maybe I'm still a kid at heart.
I'll rate this 9.5/10
Jack Frost is good-looking for a 3D character and Easter Bunny is so tribal-ishly awesome.

It's true that I express myself better in text rather in real-life-talking. 
But that's just me. I'm intimidated by talking itself. 
When I'm writing, I can think thoroughly before putting it into words. 
But when talking, I might say something stupid or make no sense at all.
I have no problem talking things out with friends. 
But when it comes to lover's quarrel, fuck me. 
I'm not good at dealing with these kind of things, 
so much fear, so insecure,  and very cowardly of me. 
And I tend to think too much, it's seriously not good for my brain or well-being. 
I don't like being "tested". What in the world were you thinking? 
Does that mean I'm not qualified to be a girlfriend?
Maybe I should do the same to you next time!
My true feelings still likes to convey via type-written ways. *Sigh*
And I tend to blab too much too when I'm ranting.

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