Birthday Wish List 2012

So it's the time of the year again! Christmas is almost here, and I can't wait for it! And like every year (except last year, I wonder why?), I would post a list of things I would like to get for my birthday. I would/would not get these items, but at least if people really wanna buy stuffs for me, they won't have to crack their brains out to think and they won't get things that I won't use either. :P ehehehehe 

But normally, I don't get much presents. So... WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Joey's Wanted List
  1. White/Blue/Yellow Instax Mini! (Preferable Mini 8). To be honest, I checked this out today, I thought of buying it for myself but it ain't cheap as I thought. I expect it to be around RM200 (it is for a 7 but I like 8 better. Cause I don't want shitty pics for collections. Demand demand.) I found the cheapest to be RM305 including one box of film here. Okay, I'll buy it in the future. Maybe after Chinese New Year. XP
    Anyone wants to sell their second hand Instax mini?? Please pm me! I'm seriously interested!
  2. Yarns and books for crocheting. Honestly I don't have any idea where to start to do something from this. Please inspire me?
  3. Ukulele. Somebody is buying this for me already. Eheh! 
  4. A trip to anywhere. I don't care. Anywhere, nowhere fancy is acceptable too. Beach? Casino? House party? Poolside? Picnic by the park? Go crazy. Applicable for all year round not only christmas.
  5. Food. Any food, that are not bought of course. But made from all your love. LOL

  6. Time. Because I don't have much of it. Give me yours instead. :3
  7. Care. Find me and talk to me. It doesn't cost a dime and I would appreciate it alot, as I know somebody out there cares for other people. Doesn't matter if we are close friends, or just some random stranger.
I think my list still have some things that I wished to have on my 2010 christmas list. LOL! and a Polaroid is in there! AHAHA! No kick for me to buy even after 2 years. XP But I learned a lot already, not only items can make me happy. Some times, true happiness can be given in a much easier way. Just needs effort. :)

Money also acceptable. You can give me money as presents. LOL!!

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