15/1/13 First step at the gym

Zombie-like cushion-ny gym mechanism thingy in the middle of the gym. Weird and... ragged.
It's high time I start accomplishing one of my new year resolutions! Spontaneously hit the gym since I did my resident card finally, after the whole cahoot thing of Cyberia scamming the students to pay up to create a resident card. But little did I know, with the card, I can access the gym, study room, badminton courts, swimming pool and sauna room(?). I'm not sure about the sauna room but myeh.. I heard this from a friend of mine who I recently saw hanging out at the gym.

I've always hated exercise, but I can't run away from it. See, I can't run, that's my problem. I'm physically incapable of it. -.- Okay, lame pun. I've wanted to jog around the school area, but I don't like running alone under the hot sun and dirty outside air. I have to drive to MMU if I wanted to run on the field track. Walking to school was just too tiring if I want to run one or two huge round of the campus hill-like terrain road. So I didn't. I did once or twice then I didn't already. 
If he was to hear me complaining like this, he would choke me to death with his words. "You are always giving reasons! Blahblahblahblahblah!". Then, of course I would sulk in a corner after a long lecture inspiring speech of willpower to do and achieve things and dreams. 

But not today! I went alone! The gym was really close to my unit so I have no reason to NOT walk there and start making myself sweat. I was kinda relieve when I see no one hanging there at first. I am a little bit embarrassed if I were to meet some acquaintances. Then I did the treadmill. 
For around 30 mins.. I think I spend around 10 mins running only, for the rest of the time, I was walking. I was kinda confuse of how the treadmill works and so I did some experimenting with the buttons. LOL. I can't take so much running at my first try. My heart rate was going up till 187. I don't think it was bpm since it was THAT high. Is it possible? Or there is something wrong with the sensors? Didn't read properly without my glasses. 

But after the 30 mins, I. Was. Finally. Able. To. Experience. Sweating. Again. It's been awhile since I sweat so much. It's a good feeling. 3 hours of computer pass so fast, but 30 mins of brisk walking feels like eternity. But it's a meaningful 30 mins, better than sitting in front of the computer. 

But then I had dinner straightaway. I was starving before gym actually, but I wanted to eat after I ran. Linguine with grilled beef was really good. I think I just ate more calories than I have burnt. :P Will keep this up!


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