4/1/13 Light brown hair

And this is how I greet the hair saloon for my first time there. So I can imprint my existence in their mind and that they should fix my hair like a goddess or else I'll break more of their chairs. 
Hey, it's not entirely my fault. I'm not THAT fat, I ain't that strong either!

Mum bought vouchers again! And this time it's hair time! 
Made an appointment today at E3 Salon Hair Taipan.

Zzzz while doing hair treatment

Me, being fascinated by the steam thingy. It felt like I was surrounded by clouds! Stinky clouds though.

Like a boss. My hairstylist on the right.

SML and XL are not Small, Medium, Large, and XtraLarge. It's Short, Medium, Long, and XtraLong. LOL! Such word plays! The prices are shown in the image above. I think it's quite reasonable. It's quite cheap too I think. And the service was very good. Not sloppy at all. The venue was clean and comfortable. The hairstylists are all very friendly too.

Oh, I haven't said anything about what we have done. My mum did re-bonding and I coloured my hair once again. This time, I'm trying a lighter brown shade. I was so tempted to go blonde but then I thought... Nahz, wait till I'm crazy enough first or when my skin is fair enough.. or maybe when it's pale. I don't wanna get dumped because I look like a lala mui

Sukita feels like those small restaurants in the games, cause the menu is like... so CUTE! I don't know why but it is, to me at least. LOL. Feels like a japanese fast food restaurant actually but they serves rice and curry and beef. There's not much to choose from but I think that's a good thing. I don't need to fickle around the menu from like 18364 choices of food. It was delicious actually. Thumbs up!

Hot mama!?

Basically we look like twins from behind now. But she's the black one. 

Can't see the colour because of the lightning in the restaurant, so here. It's basically just brown. Nothing special. I can't wait for it to fade away more so it will become much brighter. I hope it doesn't look ugly on my naked face! They say if I want to have light brown hair, I should put make-up on because it will make me look pale-ish. I still choose the colour because I'm dead-on sure to dye something light on my hair. Do now, regret later? ;p


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