5/1/13 Shopping day with mother

My inner shopaholic has decided to come out and play today.

In the beginning, I just wanted to buy my lingerie today a But then my mum and I went here and there and tried on countless of clothes. And so I bought a pair of shoes, 4 clothes. Okay, it doesn't sound much but actually I already bought far too many clothes before today. So it IS considered as too much. But I can't resist it!!! THE CLOTHES ARE SO PWEEEETYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I should have bought some pants instead, because I lack of pants. But then there's not much I could choose from.. well.. because... I have this big lump.. of fat.. protuding out.. from my tummy.. :(

I hate my figure and my retarded feet. Cause I can't wear pencil skirts, because of my abnormal dent around my hip. Can't wear high waist pants neither. I can't wear those pretty hourglass dress. And my feet, I can't buy shoes which are "closed". I must buy the ones with room for my toes to breathe. They need to "breathe" for goodness sake. If not, they'll throw a fit and make me cry in pain. Unfortunately, I forgot about this point and I bought this new shoes today that made me you-know-the-drill. So, I've learn my lesson again today after so many years. Just because I got curious why I didn't buy these kind of shoes for so many years. *oh whyyyy, mother?? Why am I born like this???* I wanted to buy high heels, but it hurts like hell. So I refrain from buying them. I'm not a lady at all. -.- Is there any secret to master the art of wearing high heels? Pain-free ways please? Some advice ladies? Please and thank you.

To end this post, here are two picture of me with my duck-face and some random big ass glasses. Just because I felt like it and just because I miss my big ass glasses. Sigh. But I got rid of mine already with a pair of normal ones. :(

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