8/1/13 of leave from work, suprise visit, and barley

One of the biggest thing I despise about MMU and their staffs is that they like to take enormous amounts of leaves from work. Doesn't matter if it's the busy week, assignment week, donkey week, whatever week. They just take leaves like nobody's business. Well, sorry to say, it involves the student's business too! It's very inconvenient for students who needs to pass up their lab reports and even assignments. Not to mention, when we have lab crashes, we have to go to the lab to make amendments in the schedule. And that's when they decided to disappear and send their children to the hospital because they got food poisoning! It's like they do it on purpose because they like to see students suffer and waste their time walking all the way to the FOE lab to realize that all those walking they had done is futile. AKA. For. Nothing. 

Lab was an ass today. MATLAB MATLAB MATLAB. Makes me MAD. 
But it is my last lab, so it is considered "the boss" in the lab "game". Myeh, oh well. I've ady took many hours to finally compute and created my own FIR and IIR filters using the MATLAB. I'm so proud of myself! But I'm not sure if I'm correct or not. FIR filter works for my signal, but IIR don't. Hmmmm.... Sorry, not talking in Layman's term. 

Suprise visit from Dave! and his fellow friend, Zi Zian, who I just knew. He has the same name as my brother! But I don't know how to spell it correctly though. I'm sorry. But I figured it's weird if I spelled it the same way as my brother, so I changed it up a bit. Actually he asked me out for supper yesterday, but I don't do suppers. Because of diet issue and my sleeping time issue. I sleep early okay. But apparently not today. It's already 2.30am, I have to finish this blog post even if it means sacrificing my sleeping time. Anyway, we gossiped a little and talked for awhile and then back to Teluk Intan for them.

Can you believe there are still people using this kind of phone? LOL! Some how, I feel kinda bad for him. Because people nowadays don't sms anymore, they use whatsapp, wechat, fb messenger, smartphone-y-stuffs-apps instead. Imagine, no smartphone. That means no surfing the internet and no instagram! :OOOO
Well, it's not that bad actually. But of course, we got used to tech nowadays, so we can't be apart from these daily social network stuffs. 
This monster won't even be destroyed even if you use a sludge-hammer on it. Well, kudos for him for being ancient-tech-ed. Haha.

I boiled some barley water today and guess what? I managed to burn it. 
Yes, I burnt some of the barley. Because I forgot I was boiling them. The results, boiled for 2-3 hours and was dried out of water. Luckily I smelled something burning. If not, gg.com for me. 
I figured it's a waste to throw them out. So I added more water and stirred. Then I strained the water out, boil it again without the barley of course. Added sugar cane rock sugar and voila. Half burnt barley drink! Not sure if it's safe to drink, but oh well. I already drank 2 bowls. 
I should have put an alarm for it and I forgot. -.-............

gawd. It's just barley water. How could I manage to even suck in boiling things? I can fry an egg perfectly though!

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