22/2/14 Doraemon Expo with the family

Suddenly had the urge to buy Doraemon Exhibition tickets long before it was launched but only announced. I'm not a fan of Doraemon but I do read the comics when I was little but had little attachment towards the fingerless-cat-alien. Got to know about the event from Thum and he asked us if we want to go together but in the end, it didn't happen. 
I bought mine on groupon, and it was a 6 tickets promotion. That means I had to buy 6 tickets at once. I did it anyway, since it's not everyday you can go to a Doraemon expo, so what the heck. I remembered seeing my boyfriend raving about it or the limited edition Doraemon TouchNGo card thingy and he even had this thing hanging on his rear mirror. Though, when I asked him about his favourite cartoon character, he said it wasn't Doraemon. I was like.. "What the heck? Really dude? U kidding?". 

Anyways, so after a few months had gone, and I had trouble getting the e-mail for my online tickets (because of my auto-filter mail system which filters out suspicious e-mail and delete my junk mails every few days. Even though I hate spams, some important ones are filtered out too. What a headache. So basically, I have to check both my Inbox AND Junk folder everytime I log in now). Then Chinese New Year and finals happened. I had to do this before I went to intern too. So the weekend after my finals it is. It was held in VIVA Expo Hall, which I have never heard before. I think this is because mainly, I don't do furniture shopping. 

Damn pattern 
The scary afro paedophile. Parents, please look after your kids and don't leave them unsupervised. 
Spotted some kids corner event in the area. Even "big kids" wanna play too. Mini cosplay starts. 

With the transformed blue Doraemon

The original yellow Doraemon! Which I didn't know about until that day. I thought it was another weird additional character like the female doraemon or something. It turns out to be Doraemon itself. Apparently, he has a history about it. Something revolving mice and cheese. I don't know much, but if you're interested, you do know that there's always a thing called Google. Ah-ha.

Dorayaki which was super overpriced! They have durian too but I think it's not nice at all. Not worth it. Even though I said that, we still bought it to try. They also sell popcorn and even served coffee with doraemon logo on it but we didn't order that. 

We're going through the time travel tunnel! 

Behind us is the story of the missing ear thingy but of course, it's too hard to read when you have two gorgeous human standing in front of it. 

somewhat photography fail. Hahaha!

Yes! They have exactly 100 statues describing about the gadgets that Mr Blue here, uses. I didn't read everything but there's a lot of people taking pictures. So, me and le bf thought we would do the same too. And off we go, taking each and every one of them. Quite tiring but there's actually nothing much to see or do anymore. 

Three of us brought very different feeling to the expo. 

Spot the difference?!?!?! NONE right??!?

I hope memory bread is a real-life invention. 

The end of the expo and I present to you a picture of a viking and a magician.... 

Nothing much to rave about actually. It's just statues and some fast foods. There are also some booth games but they felt like those funfair games but just a bit better. Unless you're a big fan of Doraemon, I suggest you to not come here. Anyway, at least it's something different. 


Chilling at the pool that night with le family.

The swimmer who don't really swim much anymore. I can't believe he wore specs while swimming. 

And to officially end this post.. here's a gif of........ image

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