Coffee Elements, Air Hitam

This will just be a simple post since I didn't ordered much that day as I was alone at the coffee shop. (Ya, sounds like I'm a loner right. Some times I am. Sad sad)

Actually didn't knew about this place until I foursquared for some coffee shop nearby. This was the closest one to me at that current time and the rating was quite high, so I decided to sit there and surf the net to kill time. 

Seems like a good place to study and chit chat. Maybe not online, because the wi-fi was having some problem. My laptop can detect it but I can't seem to connect to their wi-fi. At first I gave up after trying for like 5 times connecting then I used my own data. Then, I got scolded when I tell my boyfriend that because he said I paid for the wi-fi service so I should go and ask them to fix it or reset the modem. And then I did, I tried connecting again, and after a few tries, I succeeded. Some times, I'm just too cincai for my own good. 

I digress. image

There's a lot to choose from, but.... I ordered tea and cake. I should have ordered something else like Hanky Berry or maybe chocolate drinks. I'm very conscious about my calories intake, and the cake already contributed quite a lot in that field.

Green Tea Orange, RM9.50
Decided to order one of the best-selling cakes. Best-sellers never go wrong. The cream is a little sour which is great. The cake was super condensed and is sweet with a faint taste of green tea. The slice was actually quite big. Overall, I like it but don't love it. 

Tea, RM6.00
Something to energize myself after a week of overwhelming change in my life, which is moving to Penang alone for a short amount of time. Again, I regretted my choice. Should have ordered chocolate drink. 

Rating | 7/10
They broadcast good music and some were even my favourites. The service was great as well, the boss was very friendly. I think I saw quite a lot of student studying there too. I guess it's a good place to study since they serve food and beverages, even cakes. They have wi-fi and the place is bright enough. I just felt uncomfortable sitting there for long hours though because I was sitting against the wall. Will come again to try out different things. 

All Seasons Place (6G-2-17 & 6G-AF2-17), 
11500 Air Itam, Penang
Opening Hours | Monday to Thursday 10:30am - 11pm 
Friday 10:30am - 12am 
Saturday 08:30am - 12am 
Sunday 08:30am - 11am

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