22/4/14 La Vanille, Georgetown

I really love the logo of this little place, the tiny bunny is simple adorable. 
Went cafe hunting with Aleena and we particularly chose this place because I was craving for desserts! 

It's funny because the cafe doesn't seem to fit in because of how the other shops' look.

There's not much space in the cafe. It also feels like a nursery room somehow. Tak ada kaitan pun, tapi I nak cakap saje.

Sweet tooth wonderland. Are you drooling now?

Red Berries Tea, RM7.90
Ordered a tea to go with all the sweet stuffs that I was going to eat. The tea was special because it tasted a little sour and I love the fragrance of berries. 

Honey Grilled Chicken, RM14.90
A simple yet delicious dish. I wish the chicken has lesser fat though. 

Freshly Baked Croissant, RM7.90
I settled for croissant because... it's one of my favorite pastry. I've also discovered a new way of eating them! Dabbing them with honey and butter is genius. I didn't know I can eat them that way until now. Dumb dumb. 

Blueberry Cheesecake, RM8.90
Homemade cheesecake were super condensed. I'm afraid it's a little hard but taste-wise, it's good!

A set of Macarons, RM11 
Ordering three is not a must. We ordered mint, cheese, and lavender. The macarons weren't as crispy as the ones we would normally eat. It's more watery + chewy-based? We did ask the staff there, and she said it was normal because they made it that way. As for me, I love the cheese macaron. It's special since the cheese adds a little twist. Definitely a must try! 

I just need to add something, be sure to check the price of the food that you ordered. Some of the prices are not stated and there is an option to chooses combo or ala carte. It will be a bit confusing. They also calculated wrongly for our food. So, please check your bill properly before leaving the place. 

Rating | 8/10
A good place for afternoon tea-break as they serve irresistible and mouth-watering desserts. They also serve some varieties of croissant sandwiches and other simple western dishes. You can also order customized cakes, cupcakes, or macaron. Just call them up to place your order in advance. 

No. 122A, Jalan Hutton 
10300 George Town, Penang
E-mail | contact@lavanillecupcake.com
Phone | 04-2264024
Opening Hours | Monday to Saturday 10am - 8pm 
Sunday 10am - 7pm

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