24/4/14 Rockstarz Burger, Sungai Ara

Today I'm going to review a place called Pasar Mini Ara!

Okay, I don't understand why it's in a pasar mini, I don't know. I just... I'm just so confused. I believe you are as well. Maybe during the day, it is transformed into one. 

Trying Rockstarz Burger, the "best burger in town" apparently. Let's see about that. 

Only six options to choose from.

Loads of people were queuing up to try the highly recommended burger including us. 

Blacky Frisor, RM3.45
Crispy and salty. The best combination of fries you can ask for. I don't really eat fries but I like this one. 

The Metallicheeze, RM 4.95
Unfortunately, it's a disappointment. I was so looking forward to the oozing cheese, I did get some OOZING cheese but they didn't taste cheesy at all. Is it possible to have fake cheese? All I can taste was.. I'm not sure how can I put this.... A bun with grind beef that taste like black pepper. I think I can get better burger from Ramly's. 

Rating | 3/10
I did enjoy the fries because it was heavily seasoned, it's good. As for the burgers, most of us gave them a thumbs down (or maybe two) because it tasted average. Not sure what the buzz is about. Many compliment was given to this burger joint but somehow it seems like a gimmick to us. The price is good, it's cheap, but if you're looking for a delicious burger. This is not the place to be. 
I just don't get it. Maybe I've tasted better burger than this, that is why I am giving such harsh and bias comments.

Excuse my frustration because as I am typing all these down, I'm craving for Burgertory right now. Urgh, so much hunger.

Taman Tunas Muda, 
Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim, Sungai Ara, 
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang. 
Phone |  019-429 9309
Opening Hourse | Everyday 5pm - 1am (according to their facebook)

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