[SR] L'oreal Men Expert BB Men Review

Product to be reviewed in this post
L'oreal Paris
Size | 50ml
Cost | ?? (Will update once surveyed!)

Hey ya! Time for another make-up review. This is not just any normal review though. I got a chance to get a sneak peak of L'Oreal's new men's product that is the L'Oreal MenExpert BB Moisturizing Gel. I'm lucky to be one of the 10 bloggers in Malaysia to be able to get my hands on it. A product that is specially engineered for men, this moisturizer provides instant correction and long lasting care against the elements. The 1st and only moisturizer of its kind for men.

Yes, I know it's a men's product. No, I'm not a man BUT of course I didn't try it out on myself. I tried it on my brother, my white lab rat

I'm really sorry for holding this post up for so long. I was hesitating on blogging about it and I spent my time on doing other things rather than blogging nowadays! I'm sorry Richard! 

So, what exactly is this thing!? AND what does it do???
Of course I need to show you some formal information first before I begin with my review.

wow, secret weapon some more for work, love or play.  Pattern liao liao... 

Basically, this is what I understood from all those words and images that I've shown you just now: L'oreal has made a hybrid product of moisturizer + BB cream for men. I think it's perfect for guys cause most of them are all lazy ass bastards so they can just apply 2 things in one go. Saves up time and effort!

Request my brother to hold it like a model trying to hard-sell something. 

but.... okay, I have no idea how to direct him also actually so anything will do. 

Super chok la! I bet your brother can't pull this off like my brother. 

Now first of all, my brother doesn't use BB cream. Occasionally I will put on some for him with full make-up on (yes, including eyeliner) just for the heck of it because I'm evil like that. But on a daily basis, he just uses his toner and moisturizer. He's too dark anyway, putting on normal BB cream will make him look like an alien with a pale face and tanned body. 


How the product actually looks like. 

How it looked like once smoothened out. 

It looks pretty much like any ordinary moisturizer until you smooth it out on a surface which will break the micro-beads to do what it is suppose to do, that is to cover your imperfections like a normal BB cream.  

Potential model
..not really kidding..
or so..

The product is applied on the right-side (left-side for us) of his face only, in this picture. 


My verdict
The skin tone has brighten up a bit but it didn't really work well in covering up redness as you can still see it is visible. Imperfections has smoothen out just a tad bit too. I've also noticed that it works well on my brother's tanned skin. I was a bit afraid that he would look like a fake ghost with a whitish face (girls will know what I mean) but it turns out fine.

image Like! image
Natural coverage, not cakey at all
Hybrid product, BB+Moisturizer
Can be applied to any skin tone
Brother's comment: It does feel cooling though...

image Dislike... image
Doesn't cover up scars or redness


Product is currently available in all major drugstores!
You can find it in Watsons and Guardian. 
Thanks for reading! 

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