1/5/14 Sitigun & Harvest In Cafe, Georgetown

Cafe hunting time! 
One thing that catches my attention of course is the name itself. siTigun. I mean it doesn't even mean anything. It's a name without referencing to other things. Then, I realize, Tigun was the owner's name. I don't know about the "si" though, you have to find out yourself by asking him personally.

The cafe is open-air. 
We were actually dying for some air-cond but then it was a bit too late to change our mind. It's not easy to find parking on weekends. I had to endure it, sweating like hell even in my tank top. Luckily the food and drink was satisfying.

siTigun Coffee

Lemon Squash
Sour-y goodness! Should try ordering it without sugar in it. I'm starting to salivate even by looking at this picture.

Mixed Berry Panna Cotta 
 In my opinion, this was really good. First, I love berries. Second, it's not too sweet! Love it! 

Rating | 8/10
 Originally went there because we want to try their tiramisu because someone recommended it. Unfortunately, they didn't have them that day. But then I get to try their panna cotta which is great! The cafe is not very big but I guess it's quieter this way. I can just imagine myself sitting there and reading a book... But not in this heat anyway. Not recommended to go on a very hot sunny day. Friendly staff and chef. Some times they'll serve different desserts which are not in the menu, be sure to look out for something special.

30 Jalan Nagore, 
10050 Pulau Pinang Malaysia 
Phone | 04 - 228 7108
Opening Hours | Tuesday - Sunday 8am - 10pm
Closed on Monday

I've actually went to this place thrice but successfully dined in there once. On my first and second visit, it was not open. They have some rather odd opening hours. Made the same mistake twice because forgot to check their opening hours before going there. Guys, help yourself by doing a quick-search on the internet just in case if you're going to some really far place for food hunting, it will serve as a big help to you. I promise. 
Why was I so desperate to come here and eat? Well, because I heard the food was darn good!

And like FINALLY, I can taste them in my mouth!

Ze Menu

Black Pepper Steak, RM26.50
Set dinner (include soup, drinks, and dessert), + RM6
Steak was very well-cooked! Juicy and tender. The flavor, doesn't really leave an impression but they did a good job cooking this piece of dayum fine steak. 

You can't go wrong with mushroom soup for appetizer. Not the best in town, but just okay. The bun was super soft though.

A mini plate of dessert. The cake is just too darn small, I wish I had more.

Rating | 8/10
The place was packed with people when I was there! So, the waiting time would be a bit long so you need to be patient. As for price-wise, I think it's reasonable. The portion suits me well, as it was not too big so I can finish it. The service was not very good but I guess it is expected because there were so many people in the restaurant. Great western food served! My friend even recommend their Grilled Almond Fish, which is kind of unique. 

    10 Jalan Irrawaddi, 
10050 Penang, Malaysia
Phone | 04-226 1718
Opening Hours | Monday 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm
Tuesday 11am - 3pm
Wednesday to Sat 11am - 3pm, 6 pm - 10 pm
Closed on Sunday

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