6/6/14 Rekindle, SS2 & horrid World Ventures

Went to SS2 one fine day for a small discussion with some dodgy "company" and had free time to wander around the area. Then stumbled across Rekindle on Foursquare which has very high rating. 
I know the blog post title is a little funny and I even intertwined a food review with my rant. But since this is my blog, I can write whatever I want. And maybe this is serve as a bonus read for people who didn't know about either one of these things.
If you're interested in my rant, it's after the food review. Thank you. 

The view inside the cafe. There's also seatings outside for smokers. 

The menu behind the counter.

Just a random picture because of the bicycle. 

As you can see there's plenty of choices, they even have assorted macarons(not macaroon, bless you)! 

There are also some comfy floor seats and cushions if you are looking for a place to just chill. As for the cushion, I rather not hug a pillow that was touched by many. But that's just me with my hygienic issues.  

Butterscotch, RM12
Feeling a little adventurous, I ordered butterscotch as I've never drank any before. Normally, chocolate or tea would be the one for me but I think I made a wise choice that day. I simply loved it, the taste is unforgettable. Just sweet and tasty butterscotch. 

Chocolate Baileys with Hazelnut, RM16
I went a bit cuckoo when I saw the word "Baileys". Can't really resist ordering it after knowing the ingredients inside the cake. Topped with crunchy caramelized hazelnut, the cake was superb. Even though it's a bit tad pricey but I think it was worth the taste.

image Rating | 9/10 image
Love the drink and cake. Will come again if I am around the area! 

Jalan SS2/64 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Phone | 03-7496 6309
E-mail | rekindlecafe@gmail.com
Opening Hours | Sunday, Tuesday to Thursday 12pm - 12am
Friday & Saturday 12pm - 1am
Closed on Monday

I don't think many know about World Ventures but it is slowly making it's name out there in Asian countries nowadays. You'll easily find people who are associated with them through their facebook photos, they will be holding a blue banner with "Wish you were here!" or "You should be here!" text on them. Well, I didn't know about them until I came across an ad shared by someone when I was finding part-time jobs on a facebook group. The one who post it wrote something very attractive to people who loves to travel, like me. He promises that you can travel for FREE if you just ask him how. Stupid me, I thought it was something like a sponsored trip in exchange for review or something (my blogger mind working it's stupidity in my brain) but sadly, it was not. Well, of course I PM-ed him, and he said he couldn't explain it over the internet and ask me to find him if I wanted more details. 

This is where I fell for it. I was so eager to travel for free, I actually fell for his trap. Not only that, that arsehole even came an hour late to meet me in his own pro-claimed "office". World Ventures office is situated in SS2, and when I first went in there... I just saw many China men and weird, nobody seemed to care about me being there. Didn't even asked me why I was there. It didn't feel like a "company" at all. When he finally made it, he showed me videos of their ads and started blabbering about making fortunes in a short amount of time. 
Weird, wasn't it about travelling for free? How come tell me I can make money?
Registration fee was 200$ only, he says. RM1000 ONLY. What the f?
And then, it hits me... Pyramid scam. 

Lemme tell you this, yes World Ventures does give you packages to travel around the world that they claimed is CHEAP but really it really isn't if you research hard enough. Plus there is no flexibility in travelling anymore if you take their packages. The itinerary is all planned out and you have to follow a huge tour group because they will only make the trip work when they have the right amount of people going else they wouldn't get a cheaper price from the hotels. I honestly don't like being in a tour group, because I followed it once before when I went to China with my mum and it was horrible. No flexibility and it was all rushed out, I didn't liked it at all. Not to mention, we spent most of our time being locked in a room while someone is trying to sell us something. Dreadful, I tell ya. What I originally thought about travelling for free, went down the drain. They claim it was FREE because you have to scam the money out of other people so that you can get THEIR REGISTRATION FEES to pay for your trips. That isn't very nice is it?

Frankly I did thought about it for a moment and thought it was a really good deal, but realized it was not a smart choice. After a few days, I realize I was stupid to even considered the job. So, if you want to avoid wasting your time, realize you're being pressured into it and run far away from these people, please read on. 

Signs that tells you to IGNORE THIS ASSHEADS:

1. Requires you to meet up in person
It seems like an e-mail or two is not enough to reel you in because you can easily ignore it if you don't like it. Being in front of these people, you can't run anywhere, you're in their trap. So the FIRST thing to do in order to avoid them is NOT to meet up if they sends you messages that says "it's too difficult to tell you here". There is always a choice of making a phone call, which he can talk and explain it. If he insist that he wants to MEET you IN PERSON, well.. Reeks of rotten fish, don't you think?

2. Tells you, you can make a huge fortune in a short amount of time easily
It is sad, we all wish this is true but unfortunately it is not. We all know that if we want to earn a lot of money in a short amount of time, we would have to give something with the same price in return. IT IS ALWAYS NOT EASY to earn money. If indeed what he says is true, then why is that person approaching you? Isn't he making a lot of money already? Shouldn't he be swimming in a pool full of cash or throwing money in the air to make it rain money like how Uncle Scrooge would?

3. Reels you in with lies
You will not know every single thing that he says is the truth or lie of course. But I think you'll know it is too good to be true when you hear them talking about how successful their boss is, making RM1 million a year and is so busy travelling around the world and even claims that they have too much money for their own good. Then why is the boss there, in the office, strutting around with his polo t-shirt and jeans? Isn't she TOO BUSY with all those travelling? This actually happened to me. True story bro. If I was making RM1 million a year, I think I would be chilling in Paris instead of that nasty place. 

4. Rushing you into things
After all those attractive things he promised you, he now exclaim that if you do not do this now, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. He'll maybe tell you a story or two about the "others like you" and what trials they have to went through to literally beg them to get get into the club. Why rush if he tells you everyone wants to do it? Shouldn't people be searching for them instead of them searching for people? Giant tanker lah..

5. Oh, you need to pay for registration before you make any money
The biggest hint that screams out to tell you that it is a SCAM. Doesn't matter if it's RM50 or RM5000, it is still a scam. Is there a work that ask you for your money instead of giving them to you in exchange for your hard and real work? A work is one that will provide you money not suck them out from you. If they insist on lending you money first for the registration, then what for? You still need to pay for the scam sooner or later. Not worth it. Find an honest job, it is better. 

There's no such thing as "easy" in exchange for big rewards. Think about it. Either you'll be taking a big risk or you have to exchange it with something with the same "price". Do you a girl in a bar can make RM400 an hour simply by "pouring drinks"? You're dead wrong if you think it's true (in my opinion anyway, not that I know what they really do, but I can make a wild guess). That comment is a little sexist but well... yeah. Remember to not fall for scams like this. I think it is safe to assume that everyone will at least meet one of these pests in our lives at some point. We just have to know who are we dealing with and know how to ignore them before you really regret what you're doing. 

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  1. I came across your blog when i was finding if this company was legit. I got sucked in by my friend on the same thing "free vacation club", i got to say i had more or less the same experience as you. The arsehole who was supposed to explain came an hour late and was hanging out an our more on the phone. After explaining rubbish and unable to answer my question he then was trying to prove a non relative point. Saying he has made 11k and celebrity has joined this business. blahh blahhh. All this people should go to hell. They don't have a legit product and their company would not last.