Celebrating Mum's Birthday | Crochet Panda & Penguin Beanie

Went to buy Le Trianon cake for Mum's birthday. I was craving for this since a long time ago which is also the first time I've tasted it when le bf's sis bought it back. The cake is so darn good, worth sharing with friends and family even if there is no special event going on! 

Le Trianon is situated on the LG floor of Citta Mall. And yes, this is it. This is how the shop looks like. There is not much thing there, there is only a cashier counter. I ordered it few days before I went to collect it though. But I guess walk-in is also okay. They also sell it in individual size, not only the usual big sized cakes. Seriously, a must try!!!

Not very well dress for the "event" but oh well, we're celebrating at home anyway. Hahaha! Had an early celebration since le bf was there with us. Blowing candles on our birth-date is too mainstream for us. 


I've finished my custom order of TVXQ mascot for Michelle! I am happy to announce that it is now in her hands. Thank you Michelle! 

And also completed another order. For Zaimah, a penguin and panda couple beanie. IT'S SO CUTE! I've never really tried making customized beanie before, but I'm really happy with the outcome for these two! Thank you Zaimah for requesting these custom beanies! I had a lot of fun in making these two!


And also, I've been shopping online a lot these few days. Well, I mainly buy my tools and supplies online. But I think it's the time of the year to order my contact lenses since I've opened up the last bottle I have with me today, and also some clothes from ohtemptations. There's a lot of  online shops selling clothes but I always order from them only even though they don't have much selections. It's just that I really like the quality of the clothes and also I'm a bit afraid that the clothes from other online shops will not fit me very well. The models are all so skinny and thin, of course it looks pretty on them... But what about the average size girls aye?? sigh sigh sigh.
Random ranting. lol. TMI. 

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