Charme Mesmerize Brown Review

This has been in my draft for way too long! Not gonna have much word in this post, as the picture will do all the talking

Lens : Charme Mesmerize Brown
Bought from: ViviFashion

Color & Design : ❤❤
Enlargement : 
Comfort : 
Overall : 

I like this series as it is really natural and it gives off a natural and teary eyed effect. That's it... For my comment. Though I don't really feel very comfortable wearing this lens for long hours. 

Oh, and this is not a sponsored ad. I usually buy my lens from ViviFashion cause it's very cheap and I trust this blog. I've been purchasing the lens from ViviFashion for a few years now. But recently, they have changed the price list. I'm thinking of buying from another site. See how it goes.

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