Making Mash Potatoes and Gravy

Okay, had insomnia and slept pretty late so woke up late but was very excited to blend ze almond! I've read so many articles about it, and I was finding the ratio of almond:water. Turns out I can put how many I want depending on my taste. Some used 1 cup of almond to 2 cups of water, and there's one using 1:8 or even use the almond twice so it yields like 1:16. Crazy. 

In the end, I used as much water as my glass bottle would allow. Like around 1 litre = 4 cups to 1 cup of almond and a teaspoon of vanilla extract for some flavor. 

It's a tad bit more creamy once it was refrigerated. The smell is very mild, honestly I can only taste some vanilla-ish taste. I thought it would smell more... almond-y but no. I mean like the strong smell you get from ordering a cup of almond drink at the kopitiam (which I always order when I am at Joo Leong Cafe in Penang). I think I'm starting to like this. So, recalculating the figure, I think I can make more than 3 litre with just RM21 which mean 1 litre for RM7 or less. KACHING! Wow, the price is similar to the normal milk now but this is much healthier of course.

Super happy because of the existence of ze blender right now. 

*glug glug glug*


Every weekend I will find some recipe to make. And today, I've decided to make some mashed potatoes using this recipe and also made gravy to compliment it (recipe from here). Have been going crazy for Betty's Midwest Kitchen mash potatoes and also the Dog Food (which is actually a poutine). The gravy they make are absolutely to die for. I wonder what is their secret ingredient. 

My gravy turn out edible I guess but not really that good IMO. Reminded me of KFC's mash potatoes but not at all like Betty's! Disappointing... Maybe will try putting cream cheese in the next time. But then I don't really like to eat mash potatoes unless it is super awesome. 

Alright, heading to bed now. I was almost going to skip this post today, sleeping earlier since running 12km 2moro. Ugh, I feel sluggish right now. I hope I don't die or break down halfway tomorrow.

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