Archery Day

Just wanna upload some pictures and also videos of us playing and posing with a bow. Because I just thought we looked really good while playing them. LOL.

I think we have a knack for this. I thought I had discovered another hidden talent also. HAHAHA! Since I hate bowling (because I'm bad at it), I can add archery to my to-do list when I'm in Sunway Pyramid now. 

Well, on another serious note, I have finally receive my confirmation for my exchange programme! YAY, SO DAMN HAPPY AND EXCITED! Can't really believe I'm seriously going to Europe for about half a year. Just treating this as a motivation for me to get my PTPTN waived and also a reward too... I really wish everything goes well for this last trimester and also to my FYP. Although my FYP isn't going very well. I just hope that it wouldn't drag my academic performance down THAT much. 

Everything seems to be going really well for me this month. I wanna say so many things right now but I think I'll save it for another post. Maybe the last post of the year. On a not so random post. :)

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