Week 3.4 | Eclipse! & A walk in Zell-Weierbach

I bought a new pair of Birkenstock! Surprisingly, it's quite hard to find them here in Germany (I mean physically). And I thought it was everywhere considering is it made in/from Germany. Ordered them online on http://www.natuerlich.de/ because I found out that it was waaaaaaay cheaper than buying it on Amazon or a retail shop but the website is in German only. But it's okay, we have google translate for that. Plus the online service is crazy good! In under 24 hours (after submitting my online order), they UPS it to my place. That's efficiency! Malaysians need to learn some of this. I love the existence of consumer's right too, I can return them within two weeks without any reason and I can even exchange the size for free if I want to, within 30 days. I'm just so fascinated by this because my online shopping experience back home was so different and there's no such thing as returning goods after they sent it to you. That service. 

Donnerstag, 19 March 2015

We had a Spring Get-Together with the Senior Service and also the chance to meet with other international students. Turns out, there's a lot of international students in the university. Ate some good food and met some new friends too which is *thumbs up*. Urgh, the cakes and the desserts they have are always so good. I'm gonna be so fat.

Freitag, 20 March 2015

I don't think I've ever seen an eclipse before! Or wait.... I think I do? I'm not really sure. I just remember there's this thing happening when I was in my primary school with the moon and eggs or something. Meeeeeeh. But anyway! It's kind of cool to have the opportunity to see it with a telescope! Found out about it on my webmail from the Physic Centre of the Hoschule, which luckily I took the effort to translate the German message into English. Else I wouldn't know about the event at all.  

Yes. People. So many people. 

And yes, the telescope!

And I found Albert Einstein! 
And as Alvaro said, I found Mr "One Stone". Get it? Get it???? 
Sorry Mr Einstein, we're just joking. Please don't take it seriously. 

The awesome picture I took through the telescope. The professor kept tuning the telescope for me because he saw me struggling when I was trying to take the picture with my phone. He was so kind and he kept trying to help me out. Why are the Germans so kind?!?! 

And I was free the whole day, so I joined the others for a walk in Zell-Weierbach.

Some how, I felt like I'm taking pictures for some American drama or TV show. Those poses. Lol

Fascinated with... Idk what that thing is called. Boulder compass map thingy?

And yes, Spring is definitely here. I can feel the warmth now. It's sunny everyday for a week now!

And I randomly took a picture of this house because the glass concept was so nice. I want a house just like that in the future. I'm so inspired to decorate and furnish my future house right now because of all the different kind of architecture I see during my time here. 

And we're just playing with shadows.

*Some indie songs playing in the background* 

Behind the scene actions. Hahaha

Photobombed by Hadrien while I'm doing this weird cover-up my mouth pose. Idk.

Lol, yeap. Nothing much to write today. So yeah. Till the next time. Ciao!

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