Getting myself back up

I've been feeling really really bad these past few days. It is of course not the first time I feel this way, I occasionally have these "bad times" through my life. I notice that it usually happens when I don't have any significant things to do and also I tend to lock myself in the room for a few weeks. When I don't have any specific aim or work, I usually just sit in front of the computer and watch a lot of movies, dramas, youtube videos, tumblr.. you get the jizz. Basically things to do to waste my time. I know, it's not very healthy. When I get into this "mode", I usually get more depressed than usual and also affects people around me (especially to the people who chat or talk to me every day). 
I realize I need to do something about it, but I just procrastinated everything. Even going for grocery shopping sounds like a chore to me (normally I would be very excited), I'll wait till I literally have no food left in my pantry or fridge. Skipping classes. Turning down invites to go out. I know what was happening, but I didn't change anything to avoid it, I just embraced the depressed version of me. Then on one fine day, my negative vibe even started to affect my relationship. I was miserable. I was overthinking. I was just being a magnificent pain-in-the-buttock. My man told me off... and gave me a long lecture. His word was kind of harsh but I needed someone to tell that to me straight to my face, else I would not have snapped out of this dark world I've put myself into.

I took his advice, and went out for a walk. You know what? It seems like it's just the thing I needed. One thing lead to another and I think I'm getting better. I don't feel that bad anymore. 

Exercise was an important activity that I overlooked. It helped tremendously. It's a sad thing that I neglected running for few months. I just ran the other day, luckily I still can run non-stop for at least 40 minutes (a miracle).
Talking to someone also helps.. be it in real life, facebook, or whatsapp. For me, I think I have serious issues on initiating a conversation. If you know me, I am not usually the one to make the first move.. At least that is what I think anyway. But for me, if somebody talks to me and ask me things, I feel very happy. Especially when they are giving compliments randomly. Like this other day, I was just window-shopping around in the city centre and was trying on hats. Then this random couple just stared at me and nod in agreement and said "sehr schön". It kind of made my day. LOL. I know I'm being silly but honestly, I think people should just waste time in complimenting or saying nice thing to people rather than condemning someone else's action. Make love, not war. #hippyquote 
Rediscovering my hobby was one of the most influential thing that I have done. I actually have quite a lot of things that I like doing, it's just that I always try to squeeze in every single thing in a short amount of time (which is crazy and unproductive). I drew (more like doodled), blogged, read japanese magazine (Vivi ftw), and even coded. 

Coding, oh, I have missed you so. Even though it's been like forever since I wanted to learn HTML and CSS, I started to read some tutorials recently. I find Pugly Pixel's tutorial very informative and easy to follow. Her art is very inspiring as well, I recommend you guys to have a look at them. I stumbled upon her website on Pinterest (another addictive site for finding inspirations and DIYs). Reading Vivi magazine and looking at Tumblr gave me some inspiration in art work too. I'm thinking of blogging in a new style and also I'm trying to change my blog layout as well. I have a new favicon if you noticed and also some minor change in my blog header and sidebar. Oh, check out my new page as well [ Travel Log ], although it's just some simple tweaking, I feel like I've achieved something. It makes me happy. That reminds me, I still need to learn Photoshop and also Premiere Pro CC. You see, I always get over-excited when I'm in the mood and ended up wanting to do and learn a million things at once. One step  at a time, I guess. 

I know, you don't see me blog about fashion (at all) but really.. I should put more effort in dressing myself up. But damn though, no matter what the Vivi models are wearing, they look so good but when I do it, I look like I have no fashion sense. *cries*. But anyway, I'm starting to see denim and straw hats becoming a fashion item for summer. I'm searching for the straw hat, but I don't wear hats normally so I'm having difficulty in choosing the right one. 

Speaking of summer, I'm definitely feeling the heat.. literally. Currently the max temperature in Offenburg this week is 38 degree Celcius. There's no fan in this house and when I open my window at night, all kind of bugs decided to migrate into my room. I see the locals enjoying the sun a lot but for me, I would like to stay away from it, as long as possible. Come to the dark side. I'm even having these horrible acnes right now. My skin is flaking off but at the same time, fostering a lot of pimples. This is so weird, I usually have oily and acne-prone skin, but dry and oily at the same time? What does a girl need to do.... *sigh*.

Anyway, it is July after all. Hopefully, we will be having summer rain. Gah, it's just too warm and hot. One more week till Europe trip. Can't wait to see my favorite person in the whole world.. soon!

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