26-Oct-15 | Shopaholic instinct

What I see in my daily life

Seriously this is what I see every day. Whenever I am in the MRT or bus, everyone is constantly on their phone, playing games, facebook, instagram, and etc. Well, I don't blame them. It's better to do something rather than just sit there and wait right?? I am also doing the same thing too (like finding recipes to cook or some arts and crafts inspiration). But I try to do something else rather than sticking my nose to my mobile phone's screen. I tried bringing my crochet tools and also my cross stitching materials with me so that at least when I am travelling to work alone, I have something to do. When travelling with friends of course, we would talk most of the time. When travelling with boipren I don't bring my materials out so we always play around with my phone but occasionally when we found something funny on 9gag (him) or Tumblr/DeviantArt/Pinterest (me), we will share it with each other. Not sure if it's healthy or not. But.. yeah.. That's how it is. 
I really can't help it but to compare this lifestyle to what I have experienced in Germany. It seems to be like "common sense" to play with our phone whenever possible but.. I don't really see people playing on their phone that often there. I would see people talking (even strangers talk to each other), reading a book or Kindle, snoozing off or just staring outside. Somehow, I feel that... it's more humane.
I can hear my boipren's voice in my head saying "Double standard". image

Well, just my two cents.. Internet and smart phones aren't evil, they are just tools. It's just the matter of how people use it. For the better or the worse. 

After 2 years of scheming a plan to buy this baby with my bro, I have finally done it. Bought this thing on Carousell cheap cheap because it's a second hand console. I We now own a 3DS XL! We also have a NDS at home, and believe it or not, me and my brother shared our $$ to buy it as well. I think we bought it when we were 16 and 12. I know right, I don't know where we got the money. Maybe it's the money we got randomly from family and relatives. Oh, I remember now, I think we used our ang pao money. 
I always hesitated to buy the 3DS because I always thought it was too expensive since we can't actually download cracked ROMs into it like how we did with our old NDS. We actually had to buy the game... It cost like min RM100 for a game (maybe cheaper if buy second hand). Currently finding a way to extort borrow games from friends. Mostly, my bro's friends because all of them are gamers and they are rich as f. 

It's kind of funny because I recently got my first paycheck, and the first thing I bought, was this. LOL. Look at that dedication. 

Having crochet skills can be very handy, now I haz an idea on what I can do with my leftover yarns. Thanks Ikea book.
I also can't help it, shopping I mean. My inner shopaholic has awaken from its deep slumber. You know that feeling, when you are broke and suddenly you have money (e.g. durian runtuh), then you can't help it but to spend every single cent on buying anything. Yeah, well, that happens to me, a lot. FML. 
Just went to IKEA during the weekend, and bought like.. 18 items. LOL. But suprisingly, I only spent like 120$. YESH, TELL ME, HOW CAN I RESIST IT!?!?! ISH SHOOOO DAAAMMNNNN CCHHHEEAAAAPPP. Omg, if only ya'all can see my reaction right now.. And if only ya'all can see my frenzy mode during my Ikea trip. We were with friends, and I lost control of myself, ignored everyone and went "hunting" on my own. My boipren literally need to tie my hands up and drag me out of the market hall. LOL. I almost forgot we were travelling by public transport instead of a car. Can't have us dragging our loot into the bus and mrt. But at the end of the day, we took Uber back.

We've also watched the quite popular Taiwan movie, 我的少女时代. Can't help but feel nostalgic about high school times where all the silly dramas happened.. Even though I ain't that old. But still it's feels relatable. I also teared up like a few times during the movie, can't help it, the movie is very touching. A very good movie, and also very funny. Definitely a recommended movie to watch. 

Okay, back to work. Ciao!

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