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It's been awhile since I have written a food review post. I kind of gave up on it few years ago when I started cooking more at home and the habit of taking photos of food kind of died out too. I noticed I am getting out more recently, but still not really taking much pictures. That is why I decided to compile all the reviews in one post, because there isn't really that much photos. Okay, might not be a "proper" food review post but hey, whatever. It's for my own amusement anyway but hopefully I could introduce good food around Singapore.

Oh, and uh.. I never bothered to edit the pictures. So, they are basically... #nofilter. *grin*

Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant | Facebook

We heard this place from a friend. Actually, from his facebook post and the queue he had to endure before getting his dinner was blardy long and the review was good. Therefore, we decided to go and have a try. The place is not easy to find but that doesn't stop the crowd from coming here. We started queuing at 6.30pm on a Thursday evening and I think we waited for an hour and a half or so. We could have entered earlier actually but 2 of our friends weren't there yet so the staff didn't let us in.

Large Una Don | 32.80$+
Actually I don't really remember if I ordered the Una Don, but I remember it was definitely a large portion and it's portrayed on a single page on its own. I guess it's a new menu which I can't find online.
We heard there was like 4 ways to eat the Una Don, but we didn't really had any explanation from the staff. One of our friend instructed us instead since he came here before. So you can enjoy your meal by itself, with wasabi, with soup, or with seaweed and scallion sprinkle. 

Unagi Chazuke | 14$+
I love Ochazuke. I always make Salmon ochazuke at home. That is why I ordered Unagi Chazuke to try this time. 
Overall, the unagi is definitely a delicacy. The price is also reasonable in my opinion because they really gave a generous portion of unagi meat. Will definitely come here again. The only down part of this place is the venue. It is quite small and that explains the number of people outside everyday. They also serve and clear the plates very fast. So you have to rush in and out to make way for other customers. 

Non Entree Dessert Cafe | Facebook

This place is very well known for it's quirky dessert menu. The food doesn't only look cute, wonderful and brilliant, they taste as great as they look! Although the dessert can be a little bit pricey, but it makes sense I think because it's the workmanship that you are paying for!

Ike | 17.90$+
We were given a "soup" base to pour it in but we pour it incorrectly and it looked like bleh.. So I'll just show you the before picture. I don't know how to describe this dish but many things are going on in this bowl. Everything is just an explosion of flavours and even the flowers are edible!

Chocolate Avalanche | 13.90$+
Out of the 3 desserts that we ordered, I think this is my favourite. The chocolate is not very sweet and it has that perfect balance. 

Rubber Ducky | 12.90$+
I think this is the most famous one in the shop?? It's just too adorable to eat. P.S. It's made from mango. 

Aloha Poke | Facebook

Tried this place after my yoga session on a weekend and it was unexpectedly good! 

Salmon and Tuna Poke from Dinner menu, around 20$
Yes, it is a little pricey but they are very generous on the portion especially the salmon and tuna part. Me and my friend shared this and we were quite full. I think they have more poke choice in the afternoon but very limited choice in the evening. I am not sure. 


Tendon Ginza Itsuki | Website

This was introduced by a friend of mine. One of the branch from the famous Keisuke. This shop only serves two type of dish, special tendon and the vegetarian tendon. 

Special Tendon, 13.90$

Portion wise, super generous! I couldn't finish mine. The prawn tempura was huge and the egg tempura (yes, they fried raw egg tempura-style). The chawanmushi was to die for. I never really liked chawanmushi actually but I changed my mind after tasting this version. No kidding.

Tsujiri | Website 

Apparently this is a very well-known matcha dessert place but I never really paid attention to it until one fine day, my boyfriend's sister recommended this as it was around the corner from the place we had our lunch. The first Tsujiri I went to was in Malaysia in PJ area. Then I found out Singapore also have 3 branches. 

Guys, you HAVE to try the ice cream. Errrmmaahhggeerrdddddddddddd. Especially the brown rice tea ice cream. Unfortunately the Clarke Quay branch doesn't have the brown rice tea version, I learnt the hard way. Omg, I'm craving for it right now. 

Alrighty, that's it for today. Toodles!

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