Nov '17

// Happening this month // 
new iphone
outing with aleena
quest for shoes
hwee chien's wedding
sand & sky mask
trying out durian pizza
boardgames with strangers
ed sheeran's concert in singapore
...  and more kitties' photos
// Short update //

Another short short recap. Damn, I'm getting really bad at this. It's even hard to finish my monthly blog post! I'm such a procrastinator. I have an iPad but I didn't like how I cannot blog it in blogspot with it. *reasons*. But anyway, November passed by like an arrow, mainly because half of it I spent it in Japan. I went to Japan for the first time in my life. Went to Kansai region, and did a lot of stuff. I feel like there's just to much to explore there. However, I will write my Japan trip in another post. And most of my pics, I have already posted on my Instagram so I can lessen down the number of photos, or maybe just reused. Will be focusing more on the details. I would like to vlog instead actually but I just didn't have the experience. I mean, having to constantly record everything and talk to the camera. Not my thing. But I know it saves a lot of time. Anyway, for now, I'll just stick to the old way of doing things, that is to procrastinate and type everything. HAH.

So, I re-contracted my line and got a new iPhone. No, I did not get the iPhone X, I got the iPhone 8 plus. So many people asked me "why???"... Like I have to get the latest iPhone instead of the mediocre one. Here are my thoughts:
1. I didn't like the design, especially the weird top part, which may or may not hinder my process of video watching on the screen.
2. Instead of fingerprints, I need to use my face... I don't know. I don't need that.
3. For 200$ difference, I get a better front camera and the animoji function.... Naw, no thanks.

But this is my first "plus" phone. It is very bulky. But after awhile, I got used to it. The only down side is that I can't fit into my pocket so I have to bring a bag if I want it to be easier for me. Well, anyway... Now, I can play with the portrait camera mode. I know I am so "last season" but hey.. not a problem for me. I don't need to keep up with the trend.

All the fancy modes in portrait cam.  I don't understand why Stage Light mode exist. It doesn't really make sense.
The winning photo. I love her expression. It's like "Are you done yet?"

And portrait of my handsome boy. He behaves so well. He sat in the box for a few mins for me to take pictures, he didn't even budge when I turned the box around. Hahaha.
Unfortunately, I kept on forgetting my camera has that portrait function. I kept on using the normal camera.. Well, to my defense I always use it to take photo of sceneries, so I guess landscape mode is more fitting. 


Lol, I'm still so stuck on using SNOW app for selfies. I'm so lazy to even remove the watermark as always. HAHA. SNOW ambassador ni.

Was around KL so decided to ask Aleena out for lunch. 

Portrait of the faceless

Portrait of Ampang YTF. Portrait everything!!!


Went for a quick shopping trip around the area.. I forgot where this is. I think it's Zara at Midvalley? Dude, memory loss.... Zara have a lot of flowery shirts which actually I like but for the man to wear it, he has to have some.... criteria. I mean not anybody can pull off that look but most probably gay men can. Because you know, gay men are so fashionable. I remember seeing my ex-colleague Muhammad wore one, surprisingly he looks very good in it. I remembered many people complimented him including me but he is straight (just for the record HAHA).
Okay, back to the present. So, I asked my partner to wear it. Somehow, with a small tummy, he looks like a "Datuk" LOL. But it looks better with a blazer.

I post a same picture on Instagram, but I cropped it and tilted it so I look thinner. Photo editing everyone.

On a quest to find new shoes. So, I have this one pair of sneakers I bought back in 2015 when I was in Europe. It was from Adidas Neo, I really liked it and it was super comfy. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. I was slipping here and there because the outsole (or aka direct trans from Chinese, the base "flower") is gone because of constant friction from wearing it. I have lazy legs so I always drag dem feet whenever I walk. But it survived for 2 years, it's not bad. 
So I thought "time for another pair". I tried on so many shoes and I can't find a good one. The ones that I like, doesn't suit my feet, because I am flat footed, bunion on my left foot and Morton's toe on my left feet also. Yes, I am "blessed" with a unique foot. 
Funny thing was, I banned Nike from the very beginning. I just thought it was too overrated. I tried to find Adidas Ultraboost (it's fucking expensive I know, but it was super comfy when I tried it out last time), but I couldn't find it this time in MidValley. I don't know why, maybe they stopped re-stocking that particular one. Then I got my eyes on the new EQT black and mint one, but the base was too small for my foot (Noooooooooooooooooooo, whyyyyyyyyyyy). I tried Puma, New Balance, some random ass shoe shops.. 
In the end, I went to Nike to give it a try. I know I said I banned Nike but because I'm so desperate for shoes. Then, I bought 2 pairs there. Lol. Funny. Honestly I was planning to just buy 1 pair but since it's so hard for me to find shoes, I decided to just buy 2 pairs which I find pleasant and comfortable. Well, now I have to find a pair of flats or a dinner shoes. Because I've been wearing my Birkenstock to weddings, I'm feeling so ashamed each time I did that. HAH. 


All these are actually happening on the same day. I mean the lunch with Aleena, shopping and Hwee Chien's wedding. I know I separated them but I thought it'd be more appropriate because I crap so much on one particular topic. HAHA. And hey, look who is here. It's Pikachu! The main star of the day. Sorry Hwee Chien hahahahaha. 

Wishing both a happy married life!


Okay, now I'm going to talk about this recent clay mask that I tried. I'm sure y'all have been seeing all the ads on facebook. It's everywhere. They have paid a lot to facebook, I'm sure. So, after seeing the videos on the ads for so many times, I decided that I have to try it. I bought 2 at first and I think there was some 10% discount. It costed 118.83SGD for 2 jars, meaning one for 59$+. I know some of the people thinks it is very expensive but the price range is actually quite okay. Because for one jar, you can use for 15 times at least (that's what some reviewer said). But I think it lasted more than that, because I have been using this 3 times a week and for the past 8 weeks (minus the Japan trip hiatus). I am still left with 1/3 of the product in the jar. So, when you think about it, it's like (59/3*2)/(8*3) *Trust me I am an engineer* = < 2$ for one use. Hello, it's effin cheap okay. I think if you go Watson cincai buy one mask also need 3$ lor

Not only that, this product works miracle for me. I can see instant result in one use. My skin brightens up instantly. I also feel that I have less pimples now. I am not sure it's the effect of my clay mask or it's the new pimple cream that my doctor introduce to me because I started both at almost the same time. But I would like to believe it works too. HAH. Okay, not very convincing but I've tried clay mask before, and this clay mask is easy to use, it comes with a brush and also it washes off easily. It smells very nice too. The only downside is that it will sting your face. Actually, it didn't matter to me, I felt it was okay. At some point it does sting a lot but bearable. After it dries up, it's okay again. I've read some reviews too that their skin becomes red after washing it off but mine became brighter. Some times, a little redness but it goes away after a few minutes. So, I guess it depends on your skin type. 

They also have this crazy sale period in November and I got 2 jars for 88SGD which is like a super steal for me! The expiry date is still long way ahead. I think it's very worth it. 


I know durian pizza has been trending for quite awhile but as you know I am slow as always.. I'm always 10 steps away from the trend. I know I know. But anyway, just want to try this out. It seems like there's quite many pizza place that serves durian pizza. For this particular one, we had it at Tino's Which is a franchise of italian pizza & food in Singapore. We ordered the Mao Shan Wang. We figured we might as well go big or go home. 

Had this idea to make a gif because I saw this blog that has a cool gif instead of video on the blog post which is very creative. I liked the idea. Anyway, this footage is from one of the instastory video I had. I used Tumblr to make the GIF so there's some time limit for one gif file but I guess better than nothing. 
As for the pizza, it's just mediocre and it may be a little too much for 2 person. As it's all cream on top, it's very stuffy. I'll probably advice people to just buy the durian and eat the fruit. You can skip the dough. Okay, maybe once in a lifetime but once is enough. 

Also, iPhone X launch in Singapore. The only thing that was very fun, the animoji... and.... yeah, that's it. That's what's interesting. The Face ID feature and all. 


Also, my first time at a boardgame event in Singapore. I went there alone to play with strangers. Yes, that's how daunting it sounded. But actually it was pretty fun. Even made some new friends but.. more like hi bye friend because we only met once and we did not exchange any info. LOL. There's some that I instantly clicked with. But with board games, it's definitely easier because everyone is in such a jolly mood. 
I played a total of 3 games. I think the one that I enjoyed the most was "Pi mal Pflaumen", a game about planting a fruit farm and making juices out of them, figuratively. Didn't have a good photo of it but I only have a very good looking photo of the last game I played called "Tokyo Highway", a 2 player board game or should I say, construction game. The concept is very unique and also the players need to have a very steady hand to play this game! Actually I planned to just play 2 games, but the last one was like.. "Hey, do you wanna play this game with this girl, it's only 15 mins, it won't take too long". But it lasted like 30-40 mins or so I think. LOL. I was killing time while waiting for my family to arrive to Singapore anyway. 
I enjoyed it very much. And for like 5$ per session with one free drink, it's not half bad! I want to go play again but it seems like I hadn't have the time recently with all the holiday weekends. It's held every Friday near my house. Can't wait till I go there again!


Le fam came for the weekend. I just realized I'm in the reflection. Okay, this photo is officially very cool. 

Also, my mum discovered a huge mushroom out of nowhere near my place. Random. Hahaha and it looked so pretty. 

The main reason why my family came, it's because of Ed Sheeran's concert. Well, only my brother and me anyway. My mum came here together with him just for the heck of it.
And Ed Sheeran.. Hoh mai... Best. Concert. Ever. Period.
Now, my next concert to go The 1975's. I would love to go to Khalil Fong's but his recent music is not my type.. Sorry Khalil, I'm still a fan but only to your old songs.

Anyway, back to Ed.

Lauv gave a pre-concert warm up. Only heard of him the first time that day. Though he's quite popular on Spotify. 

And for the main event

I think I recorded almost all the songs that he performed. Because my brother was a super fan too. So, we kinda took turn to record. He even performed on of my favorite song "I See Fire", and I literally had goosebumps. That was so unexpected weh. Like he was singing a cover of "Feeling Good" then suddenly he broke off and sang "I See Fire" and I was hysterical. 


Okay, this is kinda random.. but when have I ever am normal with my post anyway. Anyway, if you really like the Korean flavored almonds, you can get it cheap at islandwide Choco Express stores in Singapore. I've already surveyed, it's the cheapest one I can find. Don't bother going to Shine Korea. Get it here. Heck, you don't even need to buy it in Korea. 



Portrait mode always takes the most artistic photos. 

It was finally Thum's wedding. I think.. this is like.. the first ever wedding of a close friend that I have attended. Not like I have many of them anyway. I wasn't the "heng dai" or the "ji mui", but mainly as the photographer.. with my iPhone. HAHAHA. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, reminded me a lot about my university time when we always gather and go out lepak. Happy day! 

Dang.. I forgot her name. But for some reason, I kept remembering her as "Teddy" but I know for a fact that I am wrong. But for the life of me, I cannot remember her real name. Sorry doggie. 

Congrats again! You lucky bastard for marrying a super beautiful and smart wife.
Seriously, I can't help but stare at her even on the screen when they played the movie themed video during the wedding. LOL.
Group photo with the Jenny Kenny and Kelly

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3. I swear, we're like bacterias. Just kept on growing in numbers. 
Finally, an almost complete group photo.. except the bride and groom is not there. lol. 

Also picture with Thum's fam. Aunty so pretty. 

And we headed to second round after the dinner. Even without the bride and groom again. It was a lot of fun though. I think this is the second time I am out with these bunch of idiots for a drink. Cause you know, I don't drink. But dancing part and being silly with everyone was really fun. Look forward to the next wedding (that would be Eric's and Cindy's in March)!  


Okay, we're finished with this post. So, here's some more photos of Bianca. She's such a poser. Till next blog post! It's actually the end of the year already when I type this down. Time flies. It's another year again. And I am one year older now. Sigh.


  1. that white doggie named sugar...

    1. Hahaha. Thanks Thum. If not I will give her new name “Teddy” 😂