1st Quarter of 2018

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4 months has passed, and nothing much has happened. I'm living quite a quiet life this year. Hah. 

Starting off my new year at Sunway Medical Centre. My surgery for my bunion was scheduled on 2nd January. Originally, doctor asked me to admin into the hospital the day before, but since my operation was booked in the afternoon, I can "check in" in the morning of the surgery day. 

If you are curious about my feet, this is how it looked like before. My left foot is a bit retarded as you can see. I have a condition called bunion, and my second toe on the left foot is abnormally longer than the rest my my toes. 

A closer look. I noticed my bunion was hurting me a lot during my Japan trip. It was causing me so much pain as we were walking a lot. It didn't used to bother me that much in the past, I guess because the bunion was not that serious yet. But come Japan, I need to wear snug shoes to walk since it is cold, I started to feel the pain. So, I decided to consult a specialist to get rid of it. 

I consulted Dr Chua Yeok Pin at Sunway Medical. Don't ask me who is the best in this field, because I don't know, and I didn't do any research beforehand. My mum suggested him to me and also Sunway is close to my home, so I guess it would be easier for me to travel to and fro for check up. Apparently, he has been interviewed by newspaper and was also invited for radio talk show. 

Honestly for me, it was kind of.. rushed out. Originally, the Dr asked me to do 3 procedure in one go. My bunion, my second toe, and my flat foot. The last part is a more serious surgery, as they would need to screw a huge bolt into my foot and the recovery time would be longer. During my first visit, I blindly said okay okay okay because he told me it is also one of the causes for bunion. Then days passed, I was thinking.. I am born with 2 flat feet, it was kind of weird to only fix one of my foot, wouldn't I be unbalanced? So, I asked again regarding it. In the end, we didn't do the last procedure, because the Dr then said, my flat foot is not that serious, so there is no need to fix it. 
You know, at this point, I was doubting this Dr Chua a bit. I mean as a patient, we don't know much about the medical field, so of course it's natural for us to just believe what the doctors say. But then, it's regarding my body, I can't really be THAT ignorant about it. So, I guess my advice to you, if you are unsure about something, just ask as much question as possible to the doctor to understand. 

Posing with my hospital gown before surgery, which exposes my backside but very airy and flowy LOL
I was nervous the night before, but in the morning, I think I was calmer than I expected. I thought I would be pretty scared but I was feeling normal. One hour before my surgery, they pushed me to the OT (Operation Theater, I think). The room was filled with a lot of people with their surgical attires, and it was quite hectic.

Then another doctor came and asked me how I was doing, and started to explain what he will be injecting me with. It was all okay, until he inject one drug which he said will knock me out during the surgery. It felt like the drug was stinging into my arm, then my whole body. The next thing I knew, some nurse was calling out my name and asked me to wake up. 

Then I realized, I had passed out for 4 hours. It's a new experience, I mean being super groggy and all because of the drug. (I had 2 puffs of marijuana before but that was nothing close to this)

I was extremely dis-coordinated, I had problem keeping my eyes open, when it did, my vision was blurry, it felt so hard to speak, the words was in my mouth, but I cannot seem to spit it out. Damn, it's like being in a body you are not accustomed to.

My pork knuckle after the surg 
I did not dare to move my feet at all that day.

On the first night, my bf stayed with me since he was still in Malaysia. The next few days, my mum took over and helped me to shower and all. Staying in the bed is not that bad. The only thing I hate was going to the bathroom, it seems like a chore to me! I had to call the nurse in every time I had to go pee. And the nurse will bring me this special chair, whereby they can just slip above the toilet, so I don't have to move my butt here and there in the bathroom.
Had some visitors over too. I'm so happy to see them and really grateful for their company! I had to stay for 4 days. I had already brought many materials to keep myself busy but it's a nice feeling to have visitors over and check how I was doing.

My new cool shoes
Ta-da! My X-ray photo of my current left foot. The doctor said that the screw will dissolve itself in 2 years. I didn't know we had that kind of technology already. 

Not being able to walk sucks, but being helpless, sucks even more. On the 4th day, I had to learn how to walk with the crutches. It was very very scary, especially when climbing up and down the stairs. And the pain was excruciating. It's like feeling my wound opening, closing, and grinding into each other. I practiced a few more times despite the pain, since I have to get out of the hospital sooner or later.

My first dressing replacement was done on the third day of my surgery, whole lot of black blood clot around it. Then comes the second on 8th Jan, which is the 7th day. It was brusing pretty badly. even the doctor said my bruises are worse than the average person's.

3rd dressing replacement on 12 Jan, and finally removing my stitches on 16 Jan, after 2 weeks. 

Even with the stitches removed, it looks horrible and I can't seem to wash off those blood clot around. 

Taken on 28th Jan, finally some new skin is growing after 4 weeks. Unfortunately, it was still very black. I think the bruises stayed for quite awhile. But my feet looks fine now, after 4 months. But it still hurts to walk though. I am not sure why. My big toe is fine, but I find my second toe becoming stiff and it hurts quite a lot when I try to put pressure on it. It's still too early for me to walk long distance. Which is bad, because I have my Hong Kong trip coming this May! I hope I can recover faster! 

I still have another follow-up to go to in July. I hope it doesn't hurt by then. 

Anyway, I was on hospitalization for 6 weeks, I stayed in Malaysia for 4 weeks, since somebody can take care of me there. Then I came back to Singapore to work at home, with special permission from my company. During my 4 weeks in Malaysia, these are the projects that I have worked on some times. But I think I spent most of my time playing games, since time flies. But it can get very boring and unproductive. 

Cactuar stitching. I planned to stick it onto my special shoes, but did not do anything to it in the end. 

Penguin stitching onto my mum's clothes. 

Bought some miniature kit from Lazada, and get my hands dirty. It is very fun! I quite like it! I bought the most basic set I could find, because I just wanted to try it. My aunt got very interested in it, so she requested me to do another more complicated one after I was done with mine. I don't mind it as it kept me really busy for the whole week. 

After 1 month of not seeing them, this is the treatment I got the next morning after my flight back to Singapore. It's like they are starting some ritual around my head or something. 

I think Bianca misses me a lot. She was so clingy when I was back. Hehe. ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Made my first souffle of my life for Valentine's day early celebration. Just because. It was quite challenging because it was kind of difficult for me to stand for an hour or two. A lot of rooms for improvement!

30th night with mum's side fam, as always, steamboat at home

Healed in time for Chinese New Year, by that time, I didn't need crutches to walk anymore. But I still need to wear the special bunion shoes around. Indoor and also outdoor. I kind of feel bad when I step into friends' house though, because it's quite dirty. Didn't really go to much places this year. It's getting really quiet year after year. 

30th night with dad's side fam

This year, I forgot to take an extra one for myself. My stepmother took this polaroid and kept it. T.T

with hometown friends, I think it's becoming a yearly gathering at Eng Heng's house

I think our normal friends gathering has been reduced to gambling gathering this year. Hahahah! You can't spend Chinese New Year without a game of Black Jack and Mahjong! 

Even went to Ipoh to meet with le University seniors mates

With Aleena too when I was back in KL, since I didn't have a chance to hang out with her in Teluk Intan

Gathering in Puchong with another batch of University seniors mates

And a random pizza gathering in Singapore

It feels nice to have a break and see everyone. :)

4th March

I didn't do much in these 4 months actually. But just occasionally found some activities to do that does not require any feet energy. Basically, not walking. 

I wanted to do pottery for a long time, but just to try it. Not to pursue it professionally of course, if I don't have a strong interest after trying I mean. So, I went on Fave to find something related to pottery class, and I found one. 32$ per person for one class at Taoz Ceramic. Little did I know, the class duration was just 10-15 mins. I thought it will be a whole hour. Well, to be fair, we only made one small bowl and one small cup, so it didn't take long. And mostly the guide did all the work, we just sat there and played with the clay. 

We did it, and they let us to write something so they could carve them onto the base. "Masterpiece by Jack" and "mit liebe von Joey". Turns out, I am the only romantic one in the relationship. Hah.

20 March

I wanted to go see the iLight Marina for quite some time, so we had to plan one night to go there before it ends. I said "we had to plan", because le partner is always on business trip or is busy, else, in the weekend, we would not be around in Singapore for it. I was getting quite upset because it seems like these days I am always alone and with my current feet condition, I couldn't last long outside. I never knew it would be so depressing to coop up at home, I used to love doing it as some times I am so lazy to go out. I guess too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

That night I felt so ugly. My hair is a mess, my forehead is too big and it's showing too much, my clothes are not cute at all, and I am forever wearing those pair of Birkenstocks. Hah, I already feel I'm so shallow just by saying that. But idk, ladies, I think you know what I mean. It's just a sudden pang. The sudden realization that I am getting older, and getting less attractive. Yet, vanity doesn't die.

24 March


Was invited (kinda) to have lunch with Ah Lok's family. The situation was so funny though, I just knew that we have this lunch just the day before. I mean knew they were going to Shin Nihon, but I don't know when, and if we are going back to Malaysia, we could join them. June and me kind of chat about it. I didn't tell le bf. Then Ah Lok told my bf to meet for lunch since me and June talked it over. Then le bf came home and reprimanded me for not telling him about the arrangement, but then I told him, I don't even know when it is (???), so I didn't tell him anything. I think my bf was the messenger in this case, because he was indeed, informed when it was, but wasn't the one who arranged it, while for me being the one knowing what's happening but didn't know when. HAHAHA. Anyway, it worked out in the end, that's what's important. 

Sorry, I think I just wasted your time by typing this whole situation out. *hysterical laugh* 

Shin Nihon beef tongue, is yabai, mecha oishii desu.  

On the same day, Eric's wedding happened. Finally, Cindy and Eric, it happened. Both of them are sweethearts since middle school (or earlier I think!?), and finally they are now tying the knot. Congratulations! 

It's so funny looking at these photos, because there's this one odd guy out, who we all just met on the same day. He just came along and decided that he would hang out with us and ditched his friends. I think because we are too cool. HAHAHAHA. He blended in so well though. Somehow, I felt like I've seen him before (and I was not the only one feeling that), but he said he did not went to Multimedia university, so it was impossible. Maybe somewhere, somehow, we did meet, and didn't remember, or maybe I saw his doppelganger. 


Bianca's & Grey's Corner

If you like my cat, then you are awesome. If you are still reading my blog post at this point, thank you for caring about my life. Here are some photos of my cats.

forced into it. Grey's just so huggable. Can't help it. 

On some rare occasion when both of them are being friendly to each other.
Normally, Bianca is the sweet one that always clean after Grey. And Grey is the one always biting Bianca. 

Brought them out for a walk, and Bianca was too afraid, so I set a "kangaroo pouch" with my shirt. 

Can't get any work done. 
This box is basically destroyed today, but Bianca still sleeps on it even though I put it in the living room now. 

That's it for today. I thought I just wanted to update things since it's been awhile. It's already the end of April by the time I am done typing this. I've been really neglecting my timeline in all these. I just finished my Japan post not long ago. Well, at least I finished it in half a year, unlike my Europe trip which took me a year. This is why I can't be a full-time blogger. I am always out of schedule. Lol. 

Anyway, I'll be writing a food review post and another one for my recent Batam trip/bf's birthday celebration. Toodles.

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