Impromptu Kota Kinabalu 3 days trip

Before I start my KK trip post, I'll just say something about how we made our decision to fly off to the East of Malaysia. It's a funny story really. So, every once in awhile we always have these outings with some of le February 2010 batch-mates. Even though some has changed universities or faculties, we still do it. 

Robot happily advertising for 1 Malaysia. LOL. I was quite surprised by his actions, seems like he has changed quite a bit since we last saw him.
It was a Sunday. This time, I suggested Suki-Ya because I'm so addicted to the beef shabu-shabu and it's free flow meat buffer. 

This was actually ALL the Chinese engineering student for February 2010 intake including me. Yes... How sad, we can't really choose who we wanna hang out with in the beginning. :P Naw, just kidding. And of course, we're not racist lah!

As you see, most of us was very free for the week because we just finished our finals, but I didn't have any plans for the weekdays which means I plan to rot at home during the few days. Then, SF suggested that we go to KK in front of Alister(intended as a joke) as he was going back to KK on Monday morning then Alister dared us to come saying that if we went there, he would cover for our accommodation and even food! Sound tempting already right?? Alright! Challenge accepted! I took that offer straight-away and Ah Fatt was quick to response too. So, I whip out my smartphone and start searching for flights and it was cheaper than we thought even though we were buying flight tickets for the next day. Kien Bing on the other hand was hesitating because of some permission issues. We kept pestering him to make a call to his parents and he said he knew what they were going to say (which is "No", as he thought). "If you don't ask, the answer will always be a no", said the wise one. He picked up his courage or maybe he just got tired of us discussing about the trip and our unending pestering, and made the call. It was a funny scene actually, seeing how anxious he looks while waiting for an answer. In the end, he was surprised, it was "a go". It was his first flight too, and he will be flying with us. Kena shocked!

**I have linked all the places to their corresponding foursquare link, so feel free to click the names between the two image logo**

The day for adventure. 

Kien Bing and Soon Fatt

Actually felt like a mother as I was guiding them in the LCCT but in reality, I'm not sure what I was doing but I was doing it right. I was the most experienced "flyer" among the three of us.

Wanna act cool but ended up making a fool of himself also. 
Pattern banyaklah budak ni.. Aishh

Nervous about his first flight..(???)

Off we go! Evening view of the sky.

You can imagine how hungry we are when we got there since it was a 2 and a half hour flight. It was already 9pm when our plane touched down. Immediately went to Jia Sang to eat and it is said that not many shops are open for dinner (nor supper) this late. So sad, can't try much food during night time.

The random trio.

The one page menu

Kitcai Ping and Barly. A generous amount of barley bits which I like to nib on. 

Mee Soup, RM7

Kon Lou Mee, RM7

Soup that comes with the kon lou mee, which has the "pig insides" in it. Better tell them to not include them in when you're ordering. I was so hungry and blur back then, I just nod to everything and ended up with this which is kind of a waste.

Dong Xin Meatball, RM7
Which is a MUST ORDER food here! (IMO) 

How the dong xin meatball's inside looks like. Which I have no idea what these are but it's very delicious!

Leong fun, RM4
The leong fun that they served has barley and some other things in it, which is quite special and it's worth a try too. Wanted to order the cendol at first but it was sold out. Better luck next time.

I have to say this though, the portion of the food is actually quite a lot. I only managed to finish half of my kon lou mee and I was so so so so so full. Even they guys are very full after eating their own portion. 

Today is highland day.

Officially starting our road trip! We have to wake up by 7am to get ready because the place that we were going need at least 2 hours to reach. 
Now I know, even when I'm in KK and I need to get to another place in KK, I need a lot of time to travel. That is how big the place is. We were living in Lu Yang by the way.

First stop for breakfast.

Mee Tuaran, RM6
First time trying Sabah styled mee. Wow, I must say, I really love this plate of delicacy! Recommended!! 

Second stop for break-lunch after an hour drive from Alister's house since it's on the way to Mount Kinabalu.

Mr Always-On-His-Phone

Mee Tamparuli. Looks somewhat same but taste completely different with Mee Tuaran. I like Mee Tuaran better though. Didn't like this one. Not sure why. The others think this is very very nice, but not me.  

At first I thought these were fish paste but turns out they are actually made from pork!

Mee Tamparuli No. 1 Fan!


Time for some exercise to burn off the excess calories from our breakfast and lunch. 

You can enlarge the picture to see the rate. As for adult local visitor, it cost RM3 per person only 
Decided to go for a canopy walk first because it's closer to the entrance and it's only a very short walk inside there. 

Discovered Soon Fatt's weakness = fear of heights! I think it's common for taller people to be afraid of heights. Most of my tall friends are afraid of things like this. 

100 year old tree

Canopy walk

Illegally took some photos. I think it's kind of ridiculous because they charged visitors for taking a picture from our own camera/phone. Absurd. It's not cheap too. Jadi pandai-pandai lah kat sana nanti.
Mini waterfall.

Bat Cave, which visitors are not encouraged to enter

We only managed to hike to the nearer and smaller waterfall as it was just about 1km away from the entrance. As for the bigger one, it's 3km plus! The route to the bigger waterfall is not easy to climb. We tried going there and only made it up to 700m. We didn't have enough time to hike that far anyway. I think we need at least 2 hours to get there as advised by the boards at the entrance. 
I got blisters from wearing sandals which is not suitable for hiking I think and I spoiled some of it because some part looked like it was tear out a little. This is what I get for getting cheap sandals. 

Taking a break at the allocated area for us to soak our tired feet. Some even bath openly here which I wouldn't have the guts to do. I mean, it's so unhygienic, bleuh.

It's so hard to get them pose for the camera, but once they do, the result is very satisfying. Hahaha!

It feels like we're driving in New Zealand. It was raining a little when we went up to the Desa Park. But luckily it raining heavily and it stopped after awhile. 

Some very many selfies with ze cows. 

Photobombing Kien Bing accidentally.

Since we're at a cow farm, of course we wouldn't pass up the opportunity to drink some fresh milk. It was very different from those we can buy from off the shelves. I didn't know real milk are tasteless. At first, I thought I was drinking cold water. 

We also tried the ice cream. Chocolate ones are better! 

A refreshing sight

We then went to the farm. Apparently we can do this but not many knows I think, because we were the only ones who walked towards the place. Of course, some areas are restricted but we can access a little part of the farm to see little calves and kids.

This little billy right here is very interested with humans apparently. 

I'm really really, like, really good at photo-bombing. 

A patch of pretty flowers that we spotted near the farm, can't resist posing and taking some pictures with them. Hahaha.

Look who's enjoying his milk. image

Photo-bomb bomb bomb.

I present to you, some pretty epic panorama pictures! 

Pattern trio

Can't see it clearly, but a herd of cows was out grazing in the field. Absolutely breath-taking view.

image Somewhere in Kinabalu Park image

Another awesome spot for taking pictures. I'm not very sure where we were exactly. 

I'm so good-looking here. 

Feel like a brand new me after going up there. 

Nothing much to say but just pictures. Let the pictures do all the talking then.

A fine place to get-away too if you're constantly in the city because the scenery here will make you feel different in a lot of ways. Some may even think of it as a way to de-stress oneself. I think it's pretty cool, didn't regret coming here. 

Of course we can't miss the chance to have some seafood when we're in KK! 

Choosing our "victims".

I was so hungry and I forgot to note down the info of the dishes. I even forgot to take pictures before we eat it. All I can tell you is you must try the Butter-fried prawn and also the Asam Fish which is really "ichiban". The crab was just so-so.

Met with Ivan too! It's such a coincidence cause he was working in KK for a few days so I invited him out for dinner with us. The world is so small.

Today is island day.

Fish Head Meehoon for breakfast. 

The menu

Crispy Fried Fish Foo Juk, RM6

Meehoon Soup + Fishball, RM8 / + Yu wat, RM9 / +Fish fillet, RM13
The soup is unlike the ones we normally consume in KL. It is sourish and very tomato-ish. Not bad and quite nice. You can add in milk too but remember to tell them to add when you're ordering! Because they will not ask you whether you want it or not. By default, it is without milk. 

A very hot day! My skin felt like burning when I came in contact with the sun-rays.  


Fooling around while waiting for our boat.

Ferry service price list. 

My flipper is so tiny. On another note, my blisters were killing me.

The rate for the ferry ride is RM50++ (per person) if you're visiting two islands, or you can opt for  RM30++ for an island. The flipper rental cost RM10 a pair and life jacket cost RM5 for one person. 
In the end, it was just RM50 per person because we had a local in our group and he knew the people there, so it's cheaper for us. I only knew this not long ago because I was asking Alister about the prices when I was writing this blog post. Thanks Alister for helping us saving our money. 

image Pulau Mamutik image

Beautiful and clear sea!

My first experience in snorkelling! Heck! So difficult to deal with the equipments. At first I was choking on seawater because of the mouth piece thingy which I need to breathe through. I was so used to exhaling through my nose that I forgot if I do that with this thing on, it means I will enjoy the taste of natural salt water immediately in my throat and also my eyes. I was also having problem keeping my head above water and so, the water get into my breathing tube too. Urgh.
But of course, after practising with those, slowly, I got used to using them. Still, having some minor problems with the goggles as the water keep getting into them when they feel like it. Flippers are another issue but they were very fun to use if you know how to use it. Felt like a two-tailed mermaid when using them. LOL

Me photo-bombing again! 

Okay, now it's his turn to photobomb me. Touché 

CAN YOU SEE THE FISHIES HERE!??!? So clear right??

A selfie with the beautiful background

image Pulau Sapi image


I was looking forward to participate in some fun rides there like the banana boat or jet-ski. It seems like they were charging too much (ridiculous price range) for those activities but we manage to get a para-sailing ride for RM50 per person.

Challenge accepted with my partner!

Gave my phone to the caretaker and he did a great job taking pictures of us. *Thumbs up* for the service

And we're off! Loving the thrill while in the air, it felt like I was flying!
You can also choose whether you want them to touch water or not during your 10-mins sail. Being the adventurous junkies, of course we'll say yes. 

But we kind of regretted it.. because they dropped us too low and we ended up breathing some salt water in our system. Now I know how it feels like being helpless while being dragged like a dead fish in the water without gills. I can't even breathe. 

And this is how it looks like from the boat. Can't believe we were this far off!

End of the island hopping trip. 
Lucky us, get to hog the whole boat during our trip back to Jesselton Point.

Tired but awe-struck by the beauty of the beach and the sea creatures.

An artistic way to take a picture with your Iphone. 

Like a boss!
We only went to two island since our local friend here recommended just these two as he think it's much cleaner then the rest of the other islands and worth the visit there. The water was really very clear there especially in Pulau Sapi. 

Had the famous Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh for dinner after our mini seafood shopping near the area. It was only 5.30pm and it was already crawling with people! 

The special way to eat bak kut teh. 
Love that we can choose the pig stomach because it's one of my favourite food! 

It took us merely 10 minutes to finish all of the food. That is how hungry we were and the food was awesome. Must try if you're here!

Can't help myself from taking some selfies in the car because I thought my complexion was better than usual after taking a whole day dip in the sea. HAHAHA!


Time for a snack. One of the must try food here is the coconut pudding which is different from the usual coconut jelly that we can normally find. 

Mouth-watering and cooling! The texture actually reminds me of Tau Foo Fa and they look like it too. Love it! 

Going back home.

Last day of our KK Trip. Everybody seems reluctant to go home. 

Wanted to try the Ngiu Chap but it wasn't open yet because it was too early. Our flight was scheduled at  11am and we need to take some things from town first so we didn't have the time to eat the food that we wanted. Too bad. But it seems like I can find the franchise  in Puchong so I guess I will go there to try it someday!

The menu and price list

Mee soup, RM6.50

Dry Mee, RM7

The ingredients that came with the dry mee. 

All the food here was just okay, nothing special. Since it wasn't what we originally wanted but we must make do with what little time we have left so we tried it none the less. 

And that concludes our impromptu trip to Kota Kinabalu. 
Thanks guys for the wonderful trip! Especially Alister and Mummy Lim, thanks for taking us in and letting us crash your home! image We were deeply touched by the hospitality that you have shown us. Words can't express our gratitudes towards your kindness and guidance(for the tour??). We didn't plan anything ahead when we went there and it's all thanks to Alister for lining up the activities for us. He was also our very own driver and tour guide. If I have a shiny gold star pin, I'll give it to you for sure. 

Till next time! 
Finally, I'm done with this long overdue post! 

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