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Currywurst anyone?

 Stay Hotel-Maison Am Adenauerplatz
Very homely and it felt like I was living in a really classy room. This was a complete change for us since we had stayed in smaller rooms and dorm rooms before this. No fan but it's okay, the temperature is still tolerable. Toilet was clean. Fridge is not included. The only downside was that breakfast starts at 8am and the old man in the dining area made sure we weren't eating before that. I quotel, "Um acht Uhr!! UM ACHT UHR!!" said the grumpy old man. Oh, and the staff will speak in German.. so maybe it' a bit more helpful to learn some or just tell them to please speak English... Though... Some might ignore you and keep on speaking German. Hahaha... True story bro.

There's two Curry 36 stands in Berlin. The one we went is near to the zoo. As you can see, the sun is shining so brightly and there's isn't much cloud in sight. We were burning up under the sun. And I think only Asian people would complain. That is to say, me. I heard a lot about currywurst when I was in Offenburg and I even got to try it in the university ground but they told me that the original currywurst in Berlin is very different. What is currywurst? No, they do not put curry sauce on the german sausage (that was what I originally thought, since for Malaysians, we are very well accustomed to curry). It is simply german sausages topped with ketchup and curry powder. Simple right? But it's quite a satisfying snack. Boleh try kat rumah ni.

Ka De We, shipping haven

The Ugly Truth

Das Reichstagsgebäude

Reichstag Building
Home of the German Parliament! For those who is interested in visiting this place, please make sure that you book your time online on their website first! Admission is free but advance registration is required. Unfortunately Fortunately, the dome was under some cleaning/maintenance when we were there, so the dome was empty. We manage to capture some pictures while the dome is not disturbed by tourists (which I think is a very rare opportunity). 

Security level: German.

The empty dome

Brandenburg Gate
Somewhere nearby is the Brandenburg gate. If you look closely at the pillars, there are some gunshots "wound" which was from WWII. There are plenty of boards situated around the area which tells the story of the history of Berlin. A good idea to visit this place at night as well.

Definitely one of the highlights during our Berlin trip. I've learnt a lot about the horrifying history of what had happened during the reign of terror when Hitler was still alive. I think I have said this before, but I will say it again. Originally, I don't really know much about the history of Germany, all I know is the name "Hitler" but not much about what has happened here. For me, this tour was an eye-opener. What these people had gone through... it is very cruel. But in the same time, I also see the brilliance of their strategy and planning. You really can't deny that these people were genius to have come up with these inhumane plan. 
Honestly it is quite an amazing feat, to transform this whole nation from that to the present (becoming one of  the bodies of European Union which upholds human rights) in that short amount of time (70 years as of now).

Most of the wooden buildings were destroyed in the fire and only some building remains
I have to say something about my awesome tour guide, Lizzie (a.k.a. the small little sweet tour guide girl). She was super informative, feisty, and hilarious.

Where the silent mass murder took place. 

Berlin TV Tower
Strolled around the square after a spending a long day in Sachsenhausen Memorial Camp. 

Why no pictures of food?
That's a very good question... As for one, I have lost all of them. Two, not really something to shout about. LOL. Oh yes, only one place that I think that is worth mentioning. 
Schwarzwaldstuben. We found some really good South Germany food here. If you are only visiting the north part of Germany, maybe you can give this place a try. 

Franz. Friedrichstadtkirche (Old church)

Neue Kirche (new church)

We just stopped by and visited the place and we didn't enter into any of the museum. If you are into museums, you may want to check out the Museum Island Pass, which includes most of the museums on the island (therefore, naming it Museum Island Pass).

This place kind of reminds me about the Inception's mirror scene. I googled but the truth is, it's not filmed here. Apparently, it is somewhere in Paris. Hah, I bet you didn't know that. #randomfactthatisnotreallyusefultoknow

A couple of newlywed photobombing my background scene. tsk tsk 

Next stop, a must visit place. 

The east side gallery was situated quite far away from the central. Honestly, we kind of thought of giving this place a pass if we do not have much time but since Lizzie said it is a must visit place, we decided that we have to go there by hook or by crook.
So, what's so special about the wall with all sorts of mural on it? The wall actually have quite a sad story behind it and it acts as a reminder of what had happened back then, an international memorial for freedom. For more information, please google. Hahaha. For me, I just kind of enjoyed looking at the artworks, though I don't fully understand the true meaning behind it.

Victory Column
Another place to get a bird-eye view of Berlin (entrance fee needed). Though, we didn't make it because we were totally burned out. No more stairs please. It tires me to even remember our journey there. We had to walk a long way to that place because we took the long route there. Plus the weather was so warm that day, it was summer after all! Okay, I know it sounds weird coming from someone who experienced year long summer in my country, but I don't usually hang out in the outdoors. 


image Joey's Berlin Travel Tips!

I think overall, I don't have much tips to offer for trips to Berlin. As you can see, it's kind of a short post, as we didn't travel much. We only did a lot of shopping here. But anyway, if you want to see more special items or brands, I suggest you to visit Bikini Berlin, which has a few shops that sells designer branded stuff. 
BUT if you are truly keen on just shopping, it is better to check out the outlet shops (e.g. La Vallee Village). The branded items are crazy cheap there. They have the outlet villages near to a few cities (but not near Berlin, too bad), but still you have to travel quite a long way there. You can arrange your own transport there through the La Vallee website for available coaches services or alternative transport (which is shown on their website as well)

Places I think worth visiting!

Attractions and recommended places to eat

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