07-Aug-16 | Aus 21K Run, Redang Trip

Hi my dusty old blog. I'm writing in again after a few months. I've been neglecting to write but actually I don't really have much to write about because I don't do anything special on the weekend. Unless people actually want to see me writing my grocery shopping list every week. I'm thinking who even reads them anyway, it doesn't contain any useful information. HAHAHA. It's only for my personal joy of blabbering out in public... virtually. 

I just went on my mid-year vacation trip to Australia on the beginning of July! Goldcoast to be exact, and the main reason we went there is because of the Gold Coast Airport Marathon (well, half marathon for me). It was my first time in Australia. I was aiming for Tasmania if I ever visited Australia but I guess I will leave that to my next visit.

I love to visit markets when I'm in a different country. I think this is the best place to see what the locals do and to eat delicious foods (great stuff can always be found there, trust me)!
Get to try the Australia specialty cake, called Lamington Cake at NightQuarter. There's a lot of varieties there, they even have Asian and Middle East food. We also had Hungarian Pizza (not your ordinary pizza) and croquette. There was even a stage for local singers to perform, they sang really well but unfortunately I didn't get their name. I decided to do a little searching and I found them! They are Hoo8Hoo, gosh look how young they are... Sorry, I thought one of them was a girl because of his vocal performance, but they were great! Do check them out if you're a music person, they're truly talented. 

Just a walk on the beach on a cold winter morning (and the sea water is freezing! people who swim during Winter is crazee!). No crowded tourist laying around which was really nice and kind of romantic, I have to say. We can only see a few locals hanging around with their dogs running around. Very peaceful.

Walked around Natural Bridge and decided to stray from the public path. Adventure time! Where's my BMO? Actually I was reluctant to do it because they put a lot of warning signs about prohibited area but the area wasn't exactly prohibited per say.. Some sort of gray area on the map. Besides, we spotted two girls wandering out so we kind of followed them. The girls wandered further in but stopped at a spot, we don't want to disturb them so we didn't proceed nearer to their area. My guy decided to explore more but the climb was too much for me. Then after a few mins, the two girls came over (returning to the walkway) and then one told me there were "rock piles" in the area they were hanging around and kind of hinted me to go check it out. Very friendly people I have to say. Then we found this amazing place.Very zen-like. He also decided to leave behind a masterpiece there (The picture above exhibits his artpiece). 

During our 4WD tour trip, where we were driven off to a non-entry road because it's too bumpy for normal cars. Exhilarating ride hah! We experienced it twice because we bought two tour package from the same company and both were using the same pathway to our destination. You guys have to check out the glow worm. You can do it without a tour but you will need a car and some research.

Look out point in the Hinterland, covered by the tour as well. :) The number of people in the group was below 10 which is nice, cause I don't like it when it is too crowded. Oh, this was advised by another Malaysian person, if you are planning to take a tour there, do not take the Chinese version one if you can understand English. Don't mean to stereotype but you can imagine the scene if you're stuck with China tourists. *Ekhem* No offence to my readers out there, but the culture difference is shocking.

Not a morning person but it's a must to witness the sunrise at least once. Unfortunately The Spit (that bridge thingy on the right side in the picture above) was closed for renovation (not sure if it was closed for reno or it is closed most of the time), and we can only witness it by the beach, but it's not bad either. 

Love this picture.. but there was a risk while taking this picture, because I need to wander off into thick bushes and jump around rocks on the river to get this stunning angle for photography. Well, I think he risked it more because he was actually at the edge of the waterfall.... which almost gave me a heart attack. Look below to know why.

Literally the edge okay. Things people do for non-mainstream selfies. This was taken at the Goomoolahra Picnic Area if you are interested to know where.

And we were interviewed by Mr Toh (who was together with us in the Gold Coast Malaysian tour and the marathon run) for The Star column. I think this is the first time I've seen my face on the newspaper..... with my eyes closed in the picture. Hahaha. I actually chose the picture because the background looked best in all of the selfies picture we took on marathon day.

It's been awhile since I blabbered so much. I'm writing a lot. 

Went to try Shell Out not long ago in PJ. Gotta say, it's a different dining experience and mmmm mmmmmmmm the seafood. Shell bang sauce FTW. Crayfish FTWx2. 

Decided to stay a little longer on a Sunday in Malaysia, cause normally I take the afternoon bus back to Singapore, so I only have like a full Saturday to hang out and stuff in Malaysia. Thought it was a waste of my time since I'm travelling while the sun is up (and I waste like 6 hours for bus journey and all the waiting in line time) so I decided to try and take the 12am night bus back, straight to work on Monday. It wasn't half bad, but I was super sleepy the next day. The perk of having flexible working hour is that I get to go home early if I arrive early to the office. ANYWAY! Get to hang out with my FIT buddies from MMU. Haven't seen them in I think like 2 years! Wow, time flies. Glad everyone is doing good. But Caprice still needs more brain-washing from us to get him to change to a job that he likes. Hahaha.

My very random Redang trip. Decided to join in the fun in less than 2 weeks before the trip date. It was fun, I mean I needed it. Having a short getaway trip with friends can really energize you. And the picture above is a scene of us all ke-po-ing while helping Seng to fix his car. Some part fell off during the journey (sounds scary) and he's typing the parts together so they don't fall off further. Epic picture, nice one Vudh (le photographer of the moment).

Snorkeling trip. Honestly speaking, you don't need any snorkeling package if you're planning to go to Redang. You can see the same sh*t on the shore near the hotel (if you're staying at More More Tea beach or around the area). You can actually see more on that shore because I spotted baby sharks, eels, crabs and even triggerfish (aggressive, please stay away from them) near our beach area.... While on the boat trip for snorkeling, I only see small fishes that I couldn't identify... which you can find at like everywhere. And you have to compete with 69 other humans in that area (max passenger was 70 on that boat). No fun. I went for the first one and skipped the other two trips. 

Instead of snorkeling, we went for two dive trips! Which was pretty awesome! We didn't really expect much because Redang isn't really famous for diving. I was plesantly surprise. I bet you never encountered a closer experience with turtles before. On the first dive, we get to feed turtles and just observe them while they swim around us. Amazing photos below (at least for me anyway).

Chill bruh...

I think the turtle really dig my seaweed hair, because it kept coming over to me. The other girl had the same experience but I was the only one who got bitten on the head... twice. It wasn't painful, just like a tug on the hair.. lucky for me. I don't want to have a bald patch after the trip. 
Even the dive masters commented that they really like me because they kept on coming over and flying over my head, LITERALLY! The guys isn't very popular.. especially the bald ones. Hahahaha! I joke okay.. but now we know, if you want turtles to like you, get long hair so you can mimic seaweeds. 

Finally, I can haz the bubble ring skill! Yes, I did that ring thing. Impressive?!?!?

If you're not crazy, you can't dive. Period. (Caption for the picture above)

Anyway, on the second dive, I spotted my first shovelnose shark!!!! Pretty cool! I mean like it must be quite rare. Because there was only one shark and everyone was losing their shit when they saw it. And I was stupid enough to swim like an arrow towards it when I see it. It's not dangerous or anything, just that if we get too close, they will rocket off far away so that we can't see them anymore. And that is what exactly happened (my bad), and our dive master grabbed me to stop me from going forward. LOL. That is when I realized.. I fucked up. But enjoyable dive! Even though it's only two trips.

Enjoyed the sun rise. I wasn't really in the mood for sunrise, just wanted to sleep. But I can't sleep back so I woke up and joined the gang... One is missing because he was sleeping soundly in the room. Lol.

I was very tempted to slap my mum with my sandals because of her duck face.. But I didn't... So close... so close.

"Mum, why?"

Had a bang at UNO game and enjoyed the live band session on our last night there. Even interrupted the band while they were playing "Zombie" halfway and barge in to sing with them. LOL. True story bro. It's like the must sing song whenever you're on an island or anywhere near the sea. I don't know why, it's just is.

Last picture on the island before we get on the morning boat.

Some times, it's so nice to be a girl and the youngest among my uni-mates. LOL. I did volunteered to drive but I guess nobody trust me enough to help them do so. HAHAHA. On the upside, I get to enjoy the best seat in the car. 

This feels really nice, I should consider writing in more. I'm planning to write my amigurumi patterns anyway but I always postpone to do so because 
  1. I didn't fool proof my patterns. It's not tried and tested, some times I write the wrong stuff on my notes.
  2. They are too complicated, because I do them on a whim. And most of the time, the way I decorate them can't be explained that well.
  3. Not enough good pictures to show on tutorial

But heck, I decided to just write them up soon post them up anyway since it's free.. it's good enough already if I even share them out right? Nobody can complain if my explanation is too vague anyway. HAHAHAHA. Sorry, I hope my fellow crocheter friends don't read this. 

Ciao! Lazy to do a grammar/typo check. So, just ignore any mistake if there's any, you grammar nazis. 

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