Happy Chinese New Year!

Finally, I've been released from my final exam since Wedsnesday 4.30pm. Came straight back hometown after that after all those packing and moving. Then helped out mom in baking cookies for two days. 

Had a great time hanging out with my girlfriends (and Dave too) on Friday night.

There's like only one spot which everyone goes to now when it comes to "Yum Cha" in Teluk Intan. Sweet sweet house has moved from town to Bandar Baru! And got a big major upgrade in size and location. I love talking to them girls, just make me laugh all the time with our silly jokes. <3

 Then came the "Chu Er Shi Jiu Wan" with the family. Took a lot of silly pictures today, laugh till I was out of breath. Hahaha! I love them all a lot. We had steamboat like we always do. Although this year, we didn't went back to our dad's family side to eat because they went to KL this year because my dad's mother was hospitalized for an infection on her arm. Hope she get well soon.
Then went to Menara Condong to watch my brother and his friend compete in a dancing competition which was held by Teluk Intan's MCA. There were 8 groups who competed and honestly, I only find 2 of them entertaining. But kudos to all of them for having the guts to come out and perform although... some was... very... horrible.. *ekhem* 
And then they got 2nd runner up. Unfortunately. Oh well, better luck next time! 

Helped to lit up "Kong Ming" lantern tonight. 
Hope our wishes which were written on the lantern will come true. 
And I hope it won't fell on anybody's head or something. -.-"

Happy Chinese New Year everybody!
Let us celebrate the Year of the Snake with a bang! 

I have no idea what to do tomorrow for the first day of Chinese New Year. Oh well. We'll see. :)


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