Chevron Crochet Baby Blanket for Baby Hailey

I've actually started this project few months ago. Looking back at my Instagram picture, I think it was around July that I started crocheting this. I only finished this yesterday. So, basically it took me around 3 months. Actually I could have finished this in one month but I was only crocheting when I feel like it. Plus, I didn't touch this for a month or so when I had to do my assignments and get ready for my finals. Also, I didn't buy enough yarn at the first purchase so I had to buy again. 


In case if you're wondering, I bought my yarns from
and the pattern that I'm following is from this website.
The yarns and hook that I'm using is
Milk Cotton Series Jeans Blue 26
Milk Cotton Series Khakis 14
Crochet hook size 5.00mm
I bought 3 for each colour and I still have some of the yarn left. I used around 600gram of yarns in total. I didn't exactly did 63 rows as per the instruction said. I actually did a few rows more, it depends on you really.

Hanging to let it dry after I washed it

The finished product. I actually really like this blanket because it's so soft and so comfortable. Too bad, I don't have a child yet. image So I'm giving this away to my god-daughter, baby Hailey! I hope she will really like it and use it until she's too big for it. Haha. I'm thinking of doing another blanket but... I don't know. Who would I give it to? I think I would need to use a lot more yarns if it was to be used by an adult. Hmm.. who knows, we'll see. Toodles!


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