13/2/14 BBQ, One City

There's a new shopping mall in town.. but unfortunately, I wouldn't call it a shopping mall though.

One City, Subang Jaya.
Looking at the exterior of the mall, I seem to have over-expected what's in the inside. It feels awfully similar to Setia Walk in Puchong and Shaftsbury Square in Cyberjaya too actually. We have walked along the higher floors and there's nothing much to see. There's a number of small unknown shops and a whole lot of food and beverages franchise type shop. But of course, I think the main attraction to this mall is the Skypark which is situated at the rooftop floor and again, all of them are restaurants but with sky view. 

Decided to have dinner at BBQ. It's actually a Korean restaurant although it doesn't look like it.

The place is quite spacious. I think this applies to all ground floor shops where they do have a second floor for customers to dine at too. 

With the Puchong couple image

Soon en 


Me giving the unapprove look

Spoon Pizza (Sous-Vide Chicken), RM28
Secret dough recipe of pizza topped with sous-vide(cooked in airtight plastic bag in a water bath) chicken steak
This was recommended by the staff when we can't decide what to order. He said this was a best-selling dish as it is unlike the normal pizza. He's right about it being different. Unfortunately, it tasted weird to me and I couldn't take more than 2 spoonfuls of this. The dough texture they used actually resembles that of a cake and it tasted like one too. Sweet and spongy. I personally, didn't like this but it's something new.

Pane Mushroom Cream Soup, RM12.90
Mushroom Cream Soup served in Crispy Pane
The mushroom soup wasn't too thick but not too dilute either. It has a hint of sweetness to it. Overall, the mushroom soup was good and the pane was super fluffy. The pane was actually quite big, don't be fooled by the picture. 

Golden Olive Chicken Signature, 2pcs RM15.90 / half RM28.50 / whole RM54.90
24 hours marination with over 30 herbs before it is cooked to golden perfection with Olive Oil
The premium must-try fried chicken. It reminds me of the spicy version of KFC minus the oily part since it's cooked in Olive Oil. Recommended to try if you're dining in BBQ. 

Sunquick Pink Guava & Strawberry Juice, RM3.90
Sweet sweet swett and that's all I can say about this drink.

Cappuccino, RM7.90
Personally made and served by the boss himself. Soonen approves it.

Rating | 7/10
The rating above is only applied to the food that I've tried. The chicken was good but the pizza, I don't recommend it to people who thinks the combination of sweet and salty food is a no-no because it was quite awful for me. 

The Cafe BBQ
A-GF-03, Sky Park @ One City, 
Jalan USJ 25, 47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor 
Phone | 03 5115 0150

Of course this is not the only branch in Malaysia. Please click the link above to see the other branches that is near to you.


Our main reason of coming here is this. 

The sky view from above. It's not bad. We could see a lot of things because there's not much high-rise building there.

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