9/2/14 Sunrise at Indian Mountain [fail version]

It was quite a sudden really when he was asking me if I would like to follow them to climb the Indian mountain near the house area. I was studying but then wasn't studying that hard, so I joined in the fun. It was already midnight when he invited me and we had to wake up at 5.30am for it because we were planning to watch the  sunrise. 

Without any hesitation, I tidied up my notes and went to bed straightaway. 

And then, had trouble waking up. 

But luckily we were able to make it to the temple before the sunrise. It was so dark! Couldn't see anything without the help of our smartphone's torchlight. Hey, a smartphone comes pretty handy without the need for any internet service. We waited and waited, and soon, things were gradually getting visible. 

A group selfie with le boyfriend, his cousin and his sister, Yi Xin. 

Even though we made it in time, it seems like we couldn't see the sunrise clearly because of the fog. We could only make out a soft orangy hue and then it was getting quite bright. I guess this is our cue to go. Such a shame though. Well, maybe next time at some other mountain?

Parody of the hand-holding instagram couple, except that the fact that we're not at any expensive looking place/country. 

It still overwhelms me when we were climbing up AND climbing down the hill. Okay, and climbing down the hill was not an easy task. The fear of falling down the hill has eaten me up so much that I was so slow and was blocking the others hikers' way. I wasn't wearing hiking shoes, which was probably why my shoes can easily slip and I almost did for a few times. I thought I was kind of annoying myself, because of my weakness which made me had problem with doing what everyone is doing except that the others were so fast!

I wonder if anybody fell of the cliff before. I wouldn't want to be the first one to though.

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