July & August '17

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Cat Town, Seremban
Bianca & Grey's status & 1st Birthday
Sprained ankle
Gathering X colleagues
Gathering X Alicia & Sam
Sweets from India

*Small rant*
I actually spent one day to write a food review post on multiple places the other day, I published it and reverted to draft because some of the maps are not embedded correctly. Then today, I used Ctrl + Z and suddenly evey thing on the draft post is gone, then autosave happened. I panicked and press the close button. And now everything is gone. Not even Ctrl + Z or Y can save me. Urghhh. I'm not gonna write it again. It's too darn frustrating. It's like playing a game from level 1 to level 30 and then I didn't save and then my game crashed. aslkdfalweualsjkdc nadasdlfja hjkasd fha Okay rant over. 

Heard that there's a new cat place in town! It's not a cat cafe. It's a cat haven(? If my understanding for this English word is correct). They charge per entrance so you can stay as long as you want there. I don't really remember how much it was, because I was not the one paying it. I think it's around RM16? *Not sure, so don't take my word for it*

They keep quite a lot of cats here, mostly different breeds but I think I saw two bengals which was very fierce. They were hissing at all the other cats because it was fighting for food. I guess that's one of the problem of keeping so many cats at one place and also just using one pet dish. 

The cats are very friendly compared to the cats from the cat cafe that I have gone before in Singapore. I had the chance to hug the Maine Coon! Actually it wasn't really feeling it. I went to touch it at first but he bite my hand.. gently, so it didn't hurt me. But then he was really chill about it afterwards. He gives of the vibes of an old man, tired of all the humans around. I guess if you face people who try to forcefully pet you every single day, you get kind of tired of it? 
Truth to be told, I didn't like the place because it seems like the cats are.. kind of neglected? All of the cats fur are falling like crazy. Like with every touch, the fur came off like nobody's business. Some of the long haired cats are scratching so much behind their ears, there's a bald patch and it shows some kind of sign of bleeding as well. Some cats have dried mucus on their nose. Seems like it was sick?? I feel really bad for the cats, I hope they would feed them better food since most of them are not the typical tabby cats you see on the streets. I guess they are feeding them Royal Canin? *Which has grains, and cats shouldn't eat grains* But thinking about it, I don't think the place is earning enough to even maintain the cats. Well... I guess at least they are not starving? Idk, mixed feelings. 

Well... Speaking of cats...

Here are mine. Recently turned 1 year old on 08.08.17! They are now officially adults. Yes, cats mature very fast. But they are still as playful as ever. 

Just to show you guys how big my furballs are now. They are long but you don't see that when they are walking normally. BUT they are fluffy as ever! and also furs everywhere in the house. 

I manage to do a handstand at yoga class on one fine day! YES! Guidance is super important, thank ye instructor of mine! 

But also happening on the same night. I fell down at home and twisted my ankle. LOL. The panel clinic asked me to go to the AED which worried me. Luckily there wasn't anything serious and my ankle wasn't swollen or anything. *Remember to apply ice as soon as you fall, it'll help tremendously. Lesson learnt from past 4 or 5 ankle twist incidents*. 

Finally we manage to meet up! Now that two of the group has left the company, it's harder to meet up and talk but thankfully we still manage to make a gathering. It was fun! Next plan is to have a barbecue gathering. :D

Also, met with long lost friend on a different weekend back in Malaysia. Haven't seen Sam (my ex-housemate) since I moved out of the rented room during universities year which is like back in 2014?? And also Alicia which I haven't meet quite long too! Quality time again with the girls. Looking forward to my next trip back. 
It seems like 2 days for a weekend is too short. I wish we had one more day for the weekend! I have so many people in my to-meet list. I know we have whatsapp or facebook or what not these days, but I feel like meeting and talking in real life gives it much more meaning. It certainly feels very nice. 

So, one of the colleagues just came back from India, and he bought this Mysurpa back. IT WAS DELICIOUS though it is SUPER fattening. I mean it's sugar. But I can't stop eating them once I start. Gosh. They are so so so so so good. I hope I can find them in Singapore or Malaysia... or not. If I do, I know I couldn't stop myself from eating the whole box. Hah, love-hate relationship with a candy. 

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