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// Food review //
Bulldog Cafe, Melaka
Miyakori Jonker, Melaka
SamFu Nyonya Restaurant, Melaka
Burger & Lobster, Genting
Gyunami, Singapore

I know it's kind of here and there, and it's been awhile since I've done these food reviews. Heck, I don't even remember the price for half of the things I've eaten anymore. I guess this is not a formal one. I'm just doing it for the heck of it. For my own satisfaction. Well, here goes nothing

It's been a long while since my last visit to Melaka! It was Good Friday, so I had Friday off from work, and decided to follow le bf to Melaka since he was there for work. So, it's like half of a food hunting trip for me. Decided to try some new places there. Tempted to go to the same places we went before but then decided that maybe it's time to try something new. 

I posted out a facebook question, and I'm really lucky, I got a lot of fast response from some local friends! Hehe ❤️

Our first stop for lunch is Bulldog Cafe. Anyway, guys, can someone please explain to me why the menu is explained in Japanese? Are there a lot of Japanese tourists going to Melaka or if the owner of Bulldog cafe is actually a Japanese? Idk man, I felt so weird, yet oddly attracted to this menu. 

The price I used below are based on offpeak website, as I did not take note on the menu. I don't know if the prices are still the same, but just to be clear about it. 

Location wise, it's a bit hard to find a parking spot near to this place. We had to make a very big turn after we missed the place once, as there were no parking allowed along the road.

❤️ Nyonya Cendol, RM5 ❤️
I know it's dessert, but it was a really hot day, and we were craving for some ice cold stuff. Our friend recommended the cendol so we had to try it. It was incredibly fragrant and the sweetness from gula melaka is on point. 

❤️ Nyonya Popiah, RM5 ❤️
The first thing I've noticed about the popiah is the skin. It has different texture from the normal popiah skin that I've had. You know how normal popiah skin is like, more dry-ish and sheet-like right? This is not it, the skin was fluffy and soft. Definitely a new take on popiah! I like it very much, but beware though, it can get quite spicy!

Nyonya Pai Tee, RM8
Pai Tee shells were crispy but the flavour from the other ingredients were just mediocre. It's good but not great. It's just normal. However, I don't think it is value for money though. 

Nyonya Laksa, RM9
Not a fan of "curry" laksa, so I just took a sip. Since this is preference based, I don't think I am qualified to give a comment on it. However, I do eat the nyonya laksa from Jonker 88. But this, I do not like. 

Nyonya Pongteh Chicken, RM9 S, RM18 M
This dish was a bit disappointing as the flavor was really faint. Not the best one that we've tried and it was lacking a lot, IMHO. 

Address | 145, Jalan Bendahara Malacca Town
Opening Hours | 
Tuesday to Saturday, Lunch hour 11.30pm - 2pm
Monday to Saturday, Dinner hour 6.30pm - 9pm
Closed on Sunday

Selfie with the sick birthday bf. Just slotted this picture in here, just for the heck of it. I feel pity for him because it was his birthday that day, and he had to work for the day, and he was already half sick after lunch. It's just a bad day for him I think. 

Speaking of bad day, one of the stretchy band from my top decided to break off that day, leaving me with a weird exposed arm. Goodbye, fav top. I had to quickly find one in a wimp. Luckily there was a boutique nearby when that happened. 

Anyway, headed off to Klebang Coconut Milkshake after putting le bf at the office alone. And what a coincidence that Ivan was also working in Melaka that day! So, we decided to meet up since he was off work already. 

Next stop, Miyakori Jonker for some sweet waffles. The shop is just located near the entrance of Jonker Street where the stage is stationed so it's very easy to find. Luckily, I did not have to enjoy the waffles alone. Else, it would look a bit pathetic if I were to sit there alone, eating the whole thing. The portion was just nice for two.

❤️ Chocolate Brownie Waffle, RM19.50 ❤️
Is it just me, or is the food expenses in Malaysia is getting higher and higher? But well, looking at the presentation of the dish, I would think that the price is reasonable. There's ice cream, a lot of brownies, a pot of dark chocolate sauce and even topped with cream. It's really good.

However, the tea was kind of expensive though. RM10.90 for one Sakura tea bag. If you're up for something new, you can try it but I don't know much about teas. So.. go figure?

Overall, I really liked the waffles! They also serve lava cake, which I also wanted to try, but scared that it will be a bit too much for 2 person. Definitely coming back again to try the other desserts on the menu! 

Miyakori Jonker
Address | No.100, Jalan Tokong Melaka
Opening Hours | Everyday 11am - 12am

For dinner, it was Nyonya food again! Well, it is Melaka, where the best nyonya food is found. We went to SamFu which is located at the ground floor of Mimosa Hotel.There's parking in the hotel ground, so it was very convenient. 

The restaurant looks very fancy on the inside, and quite colorful. The atmosphere was really good, so expect a higher range of price there. Okay, at this point, I need to confess, I don't remember the exact name of the food we ordered and also the price, but I'll try recalling what is was. If you see something you like, maybe you can show the picture to the waiter. *laughs at my own stupidity*. 

It is also a good idea to make a reservation at this restaurant, as when we went in there, it seems like the whole place was reserved... but we did not really see all the tables being seated even until we were finished. I don't know what happened, but hey, just a quick call wouldn't hurt. Since there was just 3 of us, it was easier to slot in I guess.

Served as an appetizer while waiting for our food. The acar-acar has a very strong vinegar taste and it's very acidic. Too acidic I think. I normally can easily eat the whole bowl by myself but I find myself stopping at the second piece. Not for me.

❤️ Petai with Cincalok ❤️ & Nyonya Omelette
Petai dish with cincalok is qute savoury, I really like it! Great with rice of course. I think I can solely eat this with rice next time. Haha. As for the omelette, it was good but a bit tad oily. 

❤️ Nyonya Pongteh with Chicken and Pork ❤️
We couldn't decide between chicken or pork, so the lady boss asked us if we wanted both. It was possible so we ordered both! Best of both worlds, as they call it. This pongteh is heaven! They were also very generous with the gravy which is packed with all the good kinds of aroma. 

❤️ Stir fry pork with chili ❤️
Recommended by lady boss as we did not know what to order anymore. This was really really yummy as expected! Not very spicy as I expected, since there's so much chili in it. The chili fragrant was very appetizing. Be careful though, as it was really really oily but oh so good.

Lastly, of course, cendol as dessert. A bit lacking or maybe we ate a superb one in the afternoon and this kind of didn't hit the same standard. It's not as fragrant as the one we had and it's more "watery". A lot of room for improvement. 

SamFu Nyonya Asian Restaurant
Address | Hotel Mimosa, Jalan Bunga Raya Melaka
Opening Hours | Wednesday to Sunday, 12.30pm - 2.30pm, 5.30pm - 9.30pm

Look at the size of that thing!
Le bf really wanted to try Burger & Lobster so we went there the day after our Melaka one day trip. June and Ah Lok was also there that weekend! So, we all went for it. 

It's my second or third visit. Second meaning the second time in Genting branch, third meaning third time eating Burger & Lobster. The first branch I went to is the one in London. My aunty brought me there and treated me. I remember that I really liked the brioche. They definitely didn't have the chili sauce version like the one served in Genting. 

Since I was there before, and I knew the size of the lobster already, I told them that it was better to order the bigger size lobsters since there's much more meat in them and there's 4 of us, so we could share. We end up ordering one that weighed 1.9kg. Half grilled, and half cooked with chili sauce. 

❤️ The B&L Burger, RM138 ❤️
It's weird ordering a beef burger, but dude, the beef was so good. The lobster meat inside was just "meh~" though. Beef patty was cooked to medium, and there was a hint of redness, it was perfect.

photo photo photo, and me taking a photo of them taking photos

❤️ Grilled Lobster & Signature Chili Lobster ❤️
Brioche is amazing as always. Ugh, look at how buttery and perfectly toasted it is. It's a fine piece of bread I tell ya. We asked if it was possible to refill the brioche, unfortunately it cost like a whopping RM16 for 4 more pieces, We said no to that. Fortunately though, salad is refillable. I like the salad too, with the rocket and parmesan cheese powder. 

Grilled lobster, the classic, it's a fail safe way to eat fresh lobster. We also discovered something really cool. We noticed that the meat from left and right claw tasted different. Even the shape is different, one claw having sharper "teeth", and the other one that looks more like a shield. The end of the claw tasted more fishy and jelly like, the middle part of the claw was juicy and sweet. Maybe it's more noticeable if you eat the jumbo sized ones but it was really intriguing.

Signature Chili Lobster, I'm just in love with the sauce. It's sweet, it's tangy, and it goes really well with bread. Asian finger licking good. 

Sorry guys, again, I don't remember the price. I honestly don't remember the range, I don't want to say something not accurate. I know my memory is failing me. Lol. If I would guess, I think it's around RM700-900 for everything....... I know, there's like RM200 in between for guessing. HAHAHAHA. Anyway, what's important is the taste and it's lobsters, it's not going to be cheap. 

Burger & Lobster
Address | SkyAvenue Level 1 69000 Genting Highlands, Genting Highlands, Pahang 
Opening Hours | 
Monday to Thursday 11am - 10pm
Friday 11am – 12am
Saturday 9am – 12am
Sunday 9am - 10pm

My bf asked if I wanted to try this wagyu beef bowl in one of the food court nead CBD area. I was like... huh? Wagyu meat served in a food court? Are you kidding me? And it's only 10$. I had to try this. 

We went during lunch on a weekday, and it was packed with people. It's very annoying to find a place to sit, as everyone "chop" places with their office tags and umbrella. Singapore. Although, I do that too at the market near to the office. Gyu nami only serve one and only one dish, that is this wagyu beef don. 

Presentation was really nice, and they even serve miso soup together. Unfortunately, taste wise, it was just okay. I don't know. I think I build my expectation too high, and I was expecting something a bit.. like "woahhhh" factor. But it's a nice lunch, I guess? The meat was medium rare, but unfortunately, there's like... not much beef smell, like the good kind. There was just texture of meat. That's it. Overall, I tasted the mayo or black pepper sauce more than the beef. Miso soup was too salty. I didn't like it. 
Other than that, the service is a bit lacking. Despite serving only one dish, somehow the aunty can mix up my order. I ordered 3 bowls and paid for it. Yet she only served me 2 and said I only order 2. Luckily the other lady working there remembered me, and said I indeed ordered 3. People make mistakes, I know, that's fine but the way the aunty reacted, I felt like she didn't trust the customers much. But anyway, that's just my personal experience. Nothing to do with the food. 

Gyu nami 
Address | Amoy Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Road , #02-126, Singapore
Opening Hours | Monday to Saturday, 11am - 3pm, Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday

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