I think I'll have to postpone the Cruise post for another week again!
I accidentally copied my the photos to the wrong place and I ended up taking my mum's pendrive that doesn't have anything except for her work files. Great job genius. image

This is just a random shot I took when I was on my way back to Shah Alam last Friday. Looks like there was a fire somewhere nearby, didn't check it out or hear any news about it though. Sorry, didn't update myself with news these days again. 

And here's a quick meal to a healthy clean breakfast!
Following Cassey's Blueberry Muffin recipe from Blogilates. All you need is a microwave and some easy to find ingredients. Only need 5 minutes to make this.

The outcome. I thought it was pretty good because it was served with berries. And I super love fresh strawberries, blueberries and also cherries.
but my mum thinks otherwise and said it was really bad (because she don't like oats). 

On Saturday, had 2 hours of squash session with mum, Soonen and Guo Lian. At night, celebrated Uncle Alvin's dad birthday over dinner and then went out for yum cha session. I even bring my mum out late until 1am. Hahaha! Don't feel weird if you see my mum in there, because apparently I think my friends find her more interesting than me. LOL. Okay, life fail.... 
Pool was fun! It's been awhile since I last played it. I don't really like how my hair smells though after every session of pool. Those places just reeks of cigarette smell. Pee-ew

I wonder why I just can't resist myself from going up Seremban even if it's already Sunday. Oh, I wonder.... My will is too weak I think. So easily seduced influenced.

Went for a nice Sunday evening jog at City Park. 
There were so many fishes and turtle there! And they are spoiled! I saw many visitors bought breads with them and they ended up throwing everything into the lake. But still, the fishes eats like they haven't eaten for days. Jumping up and snatching the foods from each other. 

Even forgot to bring my scrunchy before the jog! Kinda annoying to let your hair flow like sakai. I really can't cope when people start pressuring me to be quicker. I start to forget things easily when that happens.

Mini project coding is making me mad! 
SPI mode, FAT16, at89c51xd2.h aower asjfhdlakjsdfh auwe fjdlfhjasf lkjsdf

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