Penang & Star Cruises Trip

I know it's been a long while since I last updated. But I'm here! Trying to squeeze in some time for my blog. This is actually a kind of de-stress thing that I can do when I'm super busy with studies. On the bad side, I actually need to spend a lot of time choosing photos, tweaking, finding information and writing about my trip. I enjoy every moment of it , although I sound like I'm complaining! Hahahaha.
Oh, I will be linking the places' names with their corresponding foursquare page, I think that would be easier for people to search for the location and you can see other peoples' reviews and recommendation about that place too.  
Let's go!

Friday, 9th August 2013
Everyone trying on my new shades. So much win, okay.
Bought them from ohtemptations.
We actually traveled to Penang a day before the actual cruise day. It's Penang, so, of course there MUST be some food hunting.

Photo taken from google search
There, I've discovered the best muar chee I've ever tasted. The Chee Cheong Fun was really good too (not to mention famous also)! We ordered a plate of char kuey teow, but didn't really like it. The curry mee was meh~. Sorry guys! No pictures was taken during our lunch. 

After lunch, my mum's friend brought us here to sight-see. If you don't already know, I'm a free-thinker. That means I'm not affiliated with Buddhism or even Christianity. **That's not important. Move along now. We're here for the famous 180-foot gold plated statue of the Sleeping Buddha, Pra Buddhachaiya Mongkul! 

I donated into my monkey zodiac box and made some prayers before we left.
I prayed in hope that I would find my passion in the near future and always be happy in my life. image

Our second stop of sight-seeing was also a temple! This one has a much bigger place to walk around. This place is recommended as the view was something else.

Blocking the path just for some pictures. 

Make sure you guys gong 3 times when you're there!
Brother being a drama queen
Me: "The polaroid frame must start from here and ~~~"
Xm: "Faster leh, very hot ar"
Bro: "...........Huh?"
I present to you, the Arahant Upagutta.
Don't know what it means really. Just being a fake know-it-all. Haha!

<------------------------------------------------So epic with the diva pose

We spotted some super-lookalikes!! 

This one too! HAHAHAHA! DAMN

Ice cream cubes sold outside of the temple. Very popular because of the hot weather.

This is like a common tourist attraction place. Honestly, I didn't know Penang would have these kind of Baba-Nyonya thing. Oh, and by the way, the "Little Nyonya" drama was actually shot here. The place was huge and so maze-like.

One of the "chill room"

Like 2 bosses. The chair was super-cooling wookaaay.

This picture is just too epic with the expressions from everyone

Trying to be photogenic. #macamyestapibukan

Ini lagi mampus ar. Macam ah pek saja. Failed worse than me. Hahaha!

Don't you just love candid shots? 

Don't you just love photo-bombing shots too?

 Two different shots from the same time but different angle!

A picture with Annie. She's such a good sport and just so cute! I look like a giant when standing next to her.

After we finished exploring the mansion, we came here to have a little break and ordered some food that was recommended. There's quite a lot of sets to choose from and they mainly serve breads and eggs for breakfast but can also consider them as snacks(for our case).

Taste like my childhood

A wild Snorlax appears!
What do you do?
imagePenang Street Art Hunting 
We still have quite a lot of time left so we went for some mural hunting. I found some when I was in Penang on the other trip but there are still so much more that I have yet seen. I heard that the murals are increasing and plus some of them are fading away. It's kinda fun to find the paintings but just don't do it while you're under the hot sun or even on weekends. The place will be packed with tourists and you have to take a number(not literally) and wait for your turn to take pictures with the arts.

First stop: The Secret Pond

.... looks like a mystery to me.

Candid. We looked like we were shooting for some clothing line.
My bro, so much swag.

Even spotted some minions

Huge kitty cat! There's actually a secret behind this painting, which you can only see if you're at the correct angle.
Kinda reminds me  of Tom & Jerry.
I mostly took the pictures down with my polaroid instead of my phone and...... I forgot to set the ISO so I ended up with blank pictures! *sobs* After I realized it, we went back to some of the nearest murals and took them again. This time with the correct setting. I wasted like 3 films and luckily not more.

Picture taken from google search
Two supermans in the room!

Our room was exactly like the picture above. I think this hotel was quite clean and comfortable. No fuss. There is also 24 hours mini market just outside of the hotel, so it is quite convenient also. 

imageGoodall Cafe (萬和冷氣飲食中心)
Dinner here! Ordered quite a number of food, but I cannot recall 100% of what we ate. image HECK, I don't even remember seeing those shops that were posted in the foursquare page! LOL, maybe we've checked in into the wrong place. No pictures was taken by us again! So much fail!! Hahahaha!
Fried rice was so-so. Fried oyster was also okay......... Sorry, I can't do this. I really cannot remember. I think this indirectly meant that this is not the place to be if you're finding for good food.

imagePenang International Airport

I'm not kidding. We really were here. Apparently, my mum forgot to bring her IC which she left in another purse in Shah Alam. She even reminded us to check our belongings before departing from Teluk Intan, but she didn't check herself. So, it means she didn't notice her IC wasn't with her for a week or so. image
So, Uncle Alvin and my cousin brother took a night flight back to Selangor to go and collect it. Then they took a morning flight to Penang again the next day. At first they thought of driving to and fro but then it was too exhausting and time-consuming. So yeah.
So, guys! Remember to check your IC or Passport before leaving for a vacation! Don't assume and double or triple check yourself!

I was so bored and randomness kicked in. I asked my brother to become my "human canvas" before he went to take a shower. At first, I just wanted to try some guy make-up on him but I ended up drawing too much wing on his eyeliner part. He looked like a girl with that. =.= Then....... this triggered that. I ended up drawing a Hitler mustache to Wolverine's beard on his face. Enjoy.

Can you spot Mario in the picture?? 
There ya go. The ticket to completely make your brother a laughing stock is to post humiliating and absurd pictures of him in ridiculous make-ups.

Saturday, 10th August 2013
I woke up quite late because breakfast was already brought to us by mum's friend . She's so kind but her driving skills... I'm sorry, I can't get over it. Penang people driving skills are... you know. NOT EVERYONE LAH OKAY. Sorry, if I offended you Penangians that are reading this right now.... or maybe not sorry. Okay, not sorry. I mean, people, the signalling light in your car is there for a reason. Use it. Utilize it. Touch it. Embrace it. Let it blink awhile then only you make your turn. I know I'm not a very good driver, but I'm not that bad myself.

For second breakfast, we went down and ate at a little shop that we found beside our hotel. We enjoyed the cendol and the fruit rojak the aunty served. Although I think it's pricier than normal, it is still worth it. Nasi lemak, nothing to say about that. They also served a few different kinds of pie including cheese and chocolate pie. We didn't order those though.

imageKedai Kopi Dan Makanan Taman Emas
Surprisingly, my boyfriend didn't check in with his foursquare when we're here! I'm actually referring all the places that we've went from his check-in for this blog post. I am not a big "foursquarer" but I think I should make it a habit because it helps me a lot when I'm blogging about the place and food.
Luckily, I found this place by searching for laksa and char kuey teow near the hotel.

In my honest opinion, this was the best place for food in this whole trip. They served the best Asam Laksa, Char Kuey Teow and Chee Cheong Fun! The CKT was to die for! Mum even decided to take-away two packets for supper, but ended up throwing it away because we ate too many food on the cruise. Wasted.

imageSwettenham Pier
The place where you will need to go to get on board for cruises! This is actually my first time on a cruise(that I can remember. I'm not talking about the cruise that my parents took me when I was like 1 or 2 year old, can't remember sh*t). The cruise is only less than a day and it is a cruise to nowhere. Was just sailing near Penang Island.

Checking out our tiny cabin room once we were on the ship.

Jack, draw me like one of your french girls.
Ironically, my boyfriend's other name is also Jack.

We're here!

Bad attempt on being fabulous with my very flyable skirt.

It is time for western dinner buffet while watching bikini girls and hot guys playing in the pool or Jacuzzi kids playing with their half-naked daddies and abandoned Jacuzzi. We didn't even planned to play in the pool because my mum said "It's too dirty. Don't play".
They have the freshest prawns! We were eating up so many that I lost count. image

Time for exploring! Need to walk those calories we just consumed away and make room for another dinner, asian style next. Picaz, picaz, picazzzz.

Another awesome two angle shots at the same time. You can't imagine how much I have laughed when I saw this.

They even have a basketball corner and a jogging track.

Photo-bombing level 999 okay.
I'm not yanking on my brother's hair. Just to clarify stuff. I'm not a bully! My mum is!

Ambassador of SingTel

Even though we've walked for quite awhile, tummy still felt like bursting. Asian styled dinner was a bit different, as the amount is limited and you cannot refill your food once you finished it. Even if there was a refill option, I don't think we will choose to take the offer.

Missed out on the front part of the Russian Dance Show but oh well. Still enjoyed it none the less.
Wanted to watch the Adult Show but need to pay for the ticket to watch it and nobody wanted to watch it with me so.... Aw, never mind, maybe another time. Always wanted to see a real-life stripper but this wasn't my time to see it.
image <--- pervert face

Walked around again and tried to search for any free activities that we could do. Man, you need to pay for EVERYTHING FUN once you are on board. RM10 for a mini game, RM10 for a bingo game, RM20 an hour to look at your child while you go on gambling in the casino, RMXX for this and that. The only thing that was free were the dinner buffet, breakfast buffet, Russian dance show, and a cabin tosleep. Which actually, are paid for before entering the cruise. So..... nothing is free in the end.

Night view of the deck. Stunning. But the uncle at the right corner there just ruined this.

Nothing else left to do, so we slept. image

Sunday, 11th August 2013

was finished quite fast. Sorry about the photo, was in a rush and hungry! Loved the fluffy breads and sausages. Not your everyday sausages, those tasted.... so german-like.... Wait, I don't even know how german-like sausages taste like. Whatever, what I mean was that it wasn't ayamas type of sausages. We took quite a lot of eggs and expected to eat some half-boiled ones. But all of 'em came out raw. Fail hot water. Be sure to check the water temperature before you attempt to make half-boiled eggs!

We had to check out before 11am so it was a short morning on the ship.
Bye-bye Star Cruise! image

We went straight back to Teluk Intan after that. Horrible traffic on the way back, and it took us 6 hours to reach home. Then, after dinner, we still have to drive back to Seremban. He got work on Monday, I had classes to attend to.

...But I ended up skipping Monday classes and took another 2 days of holiday for myself. I didn't have any classes on Tuesday, so weeheeeee~


The amount of pictures in this post is ridiculous I know, I'm sure your browser had a hard time loading all of them up. To those who actually finished reading and looking at all of them, congrats, you made it! And thank you for not feeling bored.



Penang & Star Cruises Trip!

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