Decided to go back hometown for the weekend as I've noticed I haven't been going back much lately. Finished my first exam on Thursday and straight back to Shah Alam that evening. Went back with mum (like always) the next day. 

Visited by this little adorable little thing.
My relative's daughter, Alicia Kee. (What a convenient surname aye??)

So cute! She's in her 8th month already and the last time I've seen her was when she was just a month old, I think. Time flies! Like every other baby, she's a foodie too. Tam chiak baby. Hahaha.

It's been a very long time since I mess with the study table back in hometown. Since I was in need of a place to study, I figured I would tidy things up before I could proceed. This is what I found though, I forgot where I've put it and it turns out it was on the table for few years already. 

Me and Liz with our Lala styles. Lol

My notebook was thoroughly harassed in a manner that nobody could have imagine. Okay, it's not me who drew all these. It was Mary! It's been awhile since I last saw and contacted her. I figured we have nothing much to say anymore as we've parted ways and all of us are living our own lives with exposure to different people. Ah, I missed those times in high school. 

What I did most of the time in my school life, is doodling. Not only tattoos but also anime styled doodles. If I stack up all the papers that I have drew on, I think I can build a mini mountain. (exaggeration but yeah... haha)

Decided to hang out with some old friends on a Saturday night. It's a little sad though. At first, it was only me and Liz (yes, just the two of us) since the others are not in town and Dave was a little slow on his feet. Luckily, we bumped into Thum and Kelly. If not, I think it'll just be 3 ppl drinking and sitting there, sound so lonely. But luckily, that didn't happen. 

Breakfast in the morning. Everyone wasn't awake until 10am+. LOL. Damn all sleepy-heads! 
It's been a long time since I saw my God-daughter! She's getting so active already! Constantly trying to move around in her seat and also around the restaurant. Once she started to learn how to stand, she wants to walk and now wants to run around. In the near future, I think nobody has the strength to catch her already. I got kinda sad when she didn't recognize me. image Seems like she is getting shyer and wouldn't let any people (except her parents and grandparents) carry her anymore. image image

Have to see her more to make her recognize me again. 
It's kinda funny, cause she was all wriggling around in her dad's embrace but when I took out my phone to take pictures of her, she stayed still for me as if she knew her pictures are taken. 
What a poser. 
Like her mum. 
Mengada-ngada lah. Hahahahaa!

Taking my time off relaxing since I've done my Law paper today. 
I hate memorizing subjects but to my surprise, memorizing the sections and case laws wasn't so hard like my other theory subjects. I think I kinda enjoyed reading the cases too. If only I discover my interest for law sooner, maybe I would have been studying law by now. LOL. Okay, maybe not cause I like maths,arts, and also language more. No time for regrets. 

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