7/9/13 Crayon Burger, Flat White @ SS15

It's been a long time since I've had an all day outing with le friends! Feel kinda sorry for being MIA for awhile when they were out though. Because I'm not in the vicinity. I was in another state. 

Went out for lunch at Crayon Burger.
Way more better than Burger Lab in my honest opinion.

Zombie burger!

Colourful burgers

I don't know why I'm posting the receipt. But I guess it's kinda useful if people want to refer it. So here.

Soon En's face when he knew that iPhone can snap pictures using the "Plus volume" button. 
So outdated!


Another ma lat lou spotted. 
I don't know why this shades make guys look like perfs from the old chinese movies.  

Went to Flat White after that. It's a relatively new. You can actually immediately smell the coffee when you come in to the shop. 

A portion of the menu

I ordered Vanilla milkshake.
Loved it! But would be better if it's a little less sweet

Salted Caramel Cake.
Didn't really liked it. But Soon En said it was really nice when accompanied by a cup of bitter coffee.

If you're a caffeine junkie, might as well try the drinks here. There is even a drink called Nutella Cappuccino which was kinda unique and popular. We didn't ordered and try that one though. I wonder why. But I guess we will, the next time when we are here. 

Catched a movie after tea time 
We watched...

Not gonna say much about it. This movie is kinda boring, a lot of elongated actions and what not. Idk. I just didn't really liked it. I was yawning quite a lot in the movie hall. 
My rating for Riddick

We had Thai Thai for dinner but no pictures was taken. Then, after dinner, went for a pool session at Asia Cafe. And that sums up my day. Sorry for the lack of pictures and words. Haha! Pool is so much fun! And I have to say beginners really have so much dumb luck/miracle. 
Aite, back to studies!  

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