18/9/13 I realized that I'm not a family person

Haven't been taking much pictures lately with my phone. All I have is these over the past week! That's because I've been cooping myself with notes and past year papers in my *other* home (aka boyfriend's home). My mum expressed her annoyance for her daughter who barely come homes anymore by saying I'm married to Seremban already to a bunch of my friends because I don't go back to Shah Alam or Teluk Intan anymore, but instead, I keep coming here. 
I did went back last Monday after my presentation but then disappeared to Seremban on Tuesday. My mum was either busy with work, gym, or dinner with Datin on every other week days. I don't like it when she's all pushy on me. She's even pushy when she's asking me if I want to go to dinner with her. When asked if dinner can be delayed because I wanted to exercise first, obviously the answer is no, judging by her tone, because she needs to be a chauffeur for an aunt. So ended up, I ate at home. Don't judge me. I really don't like it if somebody ask me things with that tone of voice, it's like one is pressuring me. I just hope she would ask and answer in a nicer way instead of "Wan eat dinner or not later? You come out now, we go Taipan then wait for lao gou. What later?!? If later you drive yourself lah! I won't come and fetch you one I tell you! I busy, later I need drive blah to blah and buy blah.".
What the..... Zzzz... Hear also sien, to think that I come back home to this. =.= 
Don't really feel like surrounding myself with more pressure when I'm in studying mode. Plus there isn't even any tables and lights suitable for studying. There used to be one, but it's gone now. 
But I'm guilty as charged, can't blame everything on others. I can't help it because I'm a little selfish you see. I put my feelings before others. Oops.. Is that good or bad? Or is that just how a person can choose to be? *Shakespeare mode* 

Sorry for the long rant. I guess it's kinda TMI (Too Much Info).

Pretay little thangs~ They are kinda fun actually if you don't mind the scaly skin, which isn't really scaly at all. When they eat, they're really scary though. :| Did you know, when the snake are swallowing it's food, you can't touch them. Because once you do, they will spit the food out and it will injure the insides of the snake. So, they won't eat for awhile. Not until they heal. Just a fun fact I heard from WS, the owner of these little critters.

Ask him to take a picture with his DSLR, but he take out his smartphone instead. -.-
And last week, I have been attending 2 wedding dinners. It's kinda weird considering I do not know any of the ones getting married and I don't actually have a choice. Originally, I was left out and I didn't need to attend any of it. But somehow, it turns out like this in the end.
"Hey, 2moro going wedding dinner ar. Don't forget"
"Huh? Can I not go???? ......study...."
"You don't have a choice. And what are you going to eat for dinner if nobody is at home?"
".........................okay lorrrr. No early say, I should bring more nice clothes"
*The conversation didn't exactly goes like this but something similar lah*

A quick snap before going home.
I'm melting. How come dimples can make a person so child-like!??!? 
Damn, make me look like an old oba-chan.
*dying of cuteness*

Alright, signing off now! Just a short update on things. It's 12.45am now, and I have to get up early tomorrow for my 9am exam! Unfortunately, I'm hungry right now. image What a great timing. I don't feel sleepy though, thanks to my awesome ability to sleep for 10++ hours everyday for the past 3 days. I think I'm experiencing insomnia. Ergh, better not be.


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