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Well, obviously trying to write in everyday is a joke. I can't even manage my time properly, Who am I kidding right? So, I'm gonna mash up all the things that I want to talk about in a post. LOL. And in the future, you'll likely to see a very long title in my blog post. For instance, like today's post. Wahahaha.

Last week, I went to the dentist to have my wisdom tooth taken out since it was growing way awkwardly and might ugli-fy my future sets of teeth. It blardy costs me RM100 for an X-ray screening and RM560 for a minor surgery. Jezuz Keris, so damn expensive. My money suddenly grew wings. WARNING, some of you might find one particular photo below disturbing & disgusting so.. just a heads up.
I went to Klinik Pergigian Hong & Tan in Taipan. There's a lot of dentist in Taipan actually but I surveyed for a bit, the other dentist was charging way more. I used to go to the dentist in USJ 8 but the waiting time IS WAY TOO LONG plus they don't take appointment. So either you must wait there for 5 hours or go to other place. It's super inconvenient and in my opinion, the condition of the shop was super old. The reason why I changed to the other dentistry is because they take appointments (which means they respect your time so you don't have to wait so long), the shop is very clean and the equipment is cleaner (and more high-tech also), the pricing is almost the same and some dental services are cheaper!

Because I'm showing you my wisdom tooth that was cut into a few pieces. Day 1 was absolutely horrifying. Thanks to the numbing agent, I didn't feel anything during the surgery and 1 hour after the surgery. But right after the numbing drug has wore off, I can tell you it's SUPER DUPER PAIN WOOKAY. I took the pain killer but still, my cheek pain level was soaring. I can't even do anything at all except sit there and drool. I can't even concentrate on watching the tv. It is THAT painful. Decided to sleep it off even though it's not easy to sleep with a nagging pain but I successfully did it.

And because of that, I had to walk with a swollen cheek for days. It's day 5 now, I still can't feel some part of my cheek but the swollen part has subsided quite a bit now. Eating was my joy, now it seems like a pain in the arse. 
I was so looking forward to donating my blood too since there is a blood drive in MMU. At first, I was rejected because my iron count was too low that day. But then realized I've forgotten something. I had a minor surgery done... which means this will affect the donation process too. So I went to ask the doctor there and tell her about my condition and she said "You have to wait 6 months until you can donate again. Even if it's a minor surgery.". Okay, game over. no more donating until May 2015. GAHHH..

I did an original creation too last week! It's a custom order from one of my relatives as a wedding gift. It's hard to make a human doll in my opinion because it's not that forgiving as making a cartoon amigurumi. But anyway, I did it! Honestly I'm not completely satisfied with it. I guess I still have much to learn. Better find some more patterns and learn from them. 
If you notice, the police couple are actually chained together and the policeman is holding a black gun. LOL. 

As for now, I think I will research into how to put anime eyes on the doll to make them cuter. I plan to make FullMetal Alchemist dolls! Because I just recently watched the anime. Both Brotherhood and non-Brotherhood version in less than a week. I was crocheting while streaming it on KissAnime (which is a really great site for streaming anime series). 


And also, I made four Baby Groots for my Etsy orders! Going to ship them out later. Jeez, suddenly this was the IN thing now. Maybe it's because Christmas is coming soon, I guess they make a really cute Christmas gift.

Decided to go to FRIM suddenly and we went on Sunday. Heck a lot of people there! Btw, there's a fee to be paid though if you are visiting FRIM. I think they charge RM1 per person and RM5 for a car. If you are bringing your own bicycle/camera, then they'll charge more. So, it's better to park outside the FRIM near the chinese temple which is FREE then cycle up there (if you are bringing your own bicycle because many people did that.). We parked our cars there and all of us carpooled into FRIM. Rented a bicycle inside FRIM and ended up returning it after 10 mins. LOL. Wasted my RM6 away just like that. My cheek was actually hurting if I were to bump up and down the road plus there were so many people and cars and bicycles, it's so hard to maneuver through everything with the lousy rental bicycle! So, just gave up and followed the guys through the hiking trail.  

Lol yes, I'm covering up my swollen cheek so you can't see how retarded I look.... But still, I look retarded with these poses. lolokaythanksbye.
The hiking trail wasn't that long I think but there's a lot of stair-ish trail. We were planning to walk through the canopy trail but the worker said that the tickets were sold out. He also advised us to book our ticket online earlier next time to avoid disappointment. It was kinda hectic during weekends. A lot of families and groupies there. I wanted to jog around the place but then I'm obviously in no condition to do that. Sad. Maybe some other time then.


Okay. The End!

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