4/12/13 Tipsy Brew O'Coffee & Homefront

Decided to kill some time in Tipsy since we were waiting for Homefront to be playing in Setia Walk. Plus, I've heard really good feedbacks from my boyfriend's sister. I've been to a few places in Setia Walk, and not all of them are pleasant. In fact, most of them serve food that doesn't taste very good given the price that they are asking for. So, I think I have a little phobia in venturing into random restaurants for food in Setia Walk. I'm glad I came here though! Definitely in my Chill-Place-List. 

The deco was very plain and cozy-looking. It's like what you can expect from any other cafes. Most cafes are themed and are made to exude a relaxing atmosphere. Suitable for friends to gather around and chit-chat away. 

Coffees and non coffees (chocolates, milk and smoothies) ranges from RM6.90 to 11.90. They also serve speciality coffee that ranges from RM14.90 to RM69.90 too for pro-coffee drinker. 
Sorry I couldn't remember which is which because they all look the same to me. In addition, I'm not very good with coffee but from what I heard from my friends, the coffees wasn't half-bad. 

Detox Special, RM9.90
Carrot + Ginger + Apple, which could boost and cleanse our body system
I could only taste the ginger, I guess it's not half-bad. Depends on your taste actually. 

Nutella Crepe, RM13.90
Love this! The cake's texture wasn't too watery and creamy like nadeje's ones. The cute santa drawing is a plus too! So artistic. Hahaha!

There's still a lot of cakes and pudding to choose from, I'm gonna try out all of them some day!
Overall rating for Tipsy Brew O'Coffee

Tipsy Brew O'Coffee
C-07-G, Block C Setiawalk, Persiaran Wawasan, 
Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47160 Puchong
Phone | 03-58790790 or 012-3011583
Opening Hours | Tuesday - Thursday : 11am - 11pm 
Friday - Saturday : 11am - 12am
Sunday : 11am - 11pm 

A happy kid and a serious typer.

Everyone is so busy with their smartphones. Lol

Sam was there too. It's been quite a long time since we've gone out together. 

Keep nom-ing the cake until the last bit. Hahaha

Short review
The movie is just neutral to me. It's just a story about a retired interpol agent trying to live with her daughter in peace in his wife's hometown(?) since the wife died. Then suddenly, the daughter kicked a bully's ass and all the havoc started there. It somehow triggered a killing spree ordered by an old enemy to kill the interpol agent because he believed he killed his son, so he wanted to take revenge by killing them both.
And that's it. 
A little crazy and I thought the main character was portrayed as like a "Superman", because he could kick anybody's ass so easily. The weakness was just the daughter. Other than that, he's invincible. 
I'll just give a rating of 5/10.

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