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I've noticed that I'm always posting food reviews. No, I'm not aspiring to be a food blogger now, I still want to retain my blog for anything that may come to my mind. So today, I finally have the time to just sit down and write about what had happened to me in the past 2 weeks.

Friday, 29/11/13
It was my first time taking flights alone but it was just a domestic flight to Penang for my internship interview thing. *Sigh* I actually thought it was a waste of time. I can only blame myself as I didn't give much attention to the details of the intern's job-scope that they had sent to me and it was so irrelevant to my engineering course. Long story short, I've wasted $$, effort and time for this day trip.

Waking up at 5am to catch a 7am flight took a toll on me. Had to wait till 1pm for my interview. Can you imagine my boredom? But luckily, I have some friends working in Penang and they are kind enough to spend some free time with me.

Thanks to Choy for fetching me and treating me this famous Kuey Teow Tng' during his lunch break. My first nanny of the day. image After lunch, I had to catch a taxi to Prai, and it cost me RM50 for the 30 mins trip. The price was actually RM60, I was thinking to myself "day-light robbery". One of the reasons why I don't really like Malaysia's taxi service, they insist on not using the metre rates.

The only interesting AND useful part of the interview was the IQ test. It was rather fun actually but I didn't manage to answer all of them correctly. Almost..... Just almost.... Oh, and there's this thing about the HR lady. Ohmygosh, I was so ticked off by her. I already rant enough about her to my friends and family, I think I'll save my time not mentioning what she did. Ranting is so tiring.

My second nanny of the day, Weng Seng. Luckily he took a half-day leave that day or else I'm gonna be "robbed" by taxi drivers again. It was Friday, so the traffic in Penang was horrible, everywhere jam! But we managed to stop by at The Twelve Cups for a cake.

Love the deco and the atmosphere inside the cafe. Ordered a slice of Green Tea layer cake and nothing else. Honestly I thought it was a bit pricey but then when compared to the cakes here, I guess it is the same. Luxury thing. 

My 7pm flight back to LCCT. By this time, you can imagine the percentage of energy left in my small but chubby asian body. I arrived home quite late but it's good to see that my mum, brother and boyfriend who were waiting for me for dinner together. I literally had to drag myself into the shower just for food.

turtle imitation?!?!

Dinner took place at Asia Cafe, SS15 followed by a few good games of pool and air hockey. We got back home around 1am. At that moment, I think I've achieved a god-like status for staying awake for 20 hours with just 4 hours of sleep beforehand. 

Saturday, 30/11/13
Then the next Saturday morning, had to attend to my relative's wedding lunch with le family. Even though I got a few hours of sleep, I was still feeling very weak and sleepy. 

Poser genes

Went back home immediately after the lunch and fainted in the room till the sun goes down. Even ffk my love because we said we would be going to 1U to meet him for dinner, in the end we didn't. Because I was in no condition to drive, let alone STAY AWAKE. My mum was pretty lazy to drive to far places that has super bad traffic jam so blah...

Sunday, 1/12/13
It was my first time participating in a run! It was held in Rasah, Seremban by Zenith International school. Had to finish 10km in an allocated time, quite a scary distance if you ask me because I'm not a sports-lover. I stopped jogging for quite a long time and I just trained myself ONCE in between the registration date and the day of the event. Plus, the longest distance I've ever jogged was actually just 5km max. This is a whole new level of pain. If it wasn't for le bf, I don't think I would thought of participating in any run. 

And yes, I actually did it. I'm a finisher! And I did it in an hour and 30 minutes. image Not exactly fast but it was way better than I have expected. I thought it would take me 2 hours to complete it! HAHAHA!
You know, before the run started, I was really afraid that I might not finish the run in time. I have this fear that was eating me up inside so I pushed myself hard during the run. That fear increased when I see people running past me and I really don't want to be the last one. But running like there is no tomorrow is not the correct way of doing it (as what my "personal instructor" said). I ended up exerting too much of my energy so I got tired fast and my whole face went super pale. Eventually, I learned how to "cheat". Walk up the hill, then run down. Well, that's not actually a cheat, that's common sense actually. But heck, it was like a life hack to me. 

Wednesday, 4/12/13
Another first in my life, my first time donating blood. Even though every trimester, they have this event in campus, I don't participate. All because of the misconception towards blood donation. Firstly, they say you will grow fat after donating, but then I think this is just a myth. Then, my mum can't donate blood because I forgot why and then my aunt went to donate once before but she fainted straightaway. So I was afraid I will faint as well. I never really thought of the importance of donating blood. As much as I hate to admit it, I think the person that inspired me to donate blood is actually my boyfriend (again). He talks about the glory saving people's life but yet, he never donated before. Not after I told him I donated my blood in MMU's blood drive. He went to donate his blood the next day even though it was still a week day. image He did try once but it was unsuccessful because of his recent visit to Singapore. You have to be in Malaysia for at least 2 weeks if you've gone overseas, just a safety precaution.
Much to my surprise (and also my mum's), I didn't feel like dropping to the floor or dizzy or anything. I felt normal and just a little pain in my right arm. Other than that, I didn't feel any difference. So I guess I'm not as weak as I thought I would be. It does feel good to know that I'm actually saving lives by doing this. Oh, I'm a universal donor by the way. Everyone can use my bloooooooooodddd!! 

Friday, 6/12/13
I've already thought of dying my hair again and again for at least a hundred time. The only thing that is stopping me is money. Fixing my hair in a saloon is definitely super pricey but the result is definitely so much better than dying my hair myself. So, it's December. My birthday is coming, New Year is just around the corner and Chinese New Year is not far off too. So heck, I think December is the best time to actually do something about my unkempt mane. 

Went for Kimarie in Taipan. I heard quite a lot of praises for Kimarie but not the Taipan branch. I think the most popular one should be in SS2. Taipan was much closer to home and I didn't want to travel so far alone. Maybe I'll try to visit the other branch next time.

This is not my hair. Hahaha! It's just for my reference. At first I thought of dying my hair purplish grey but then it would be too drastic and not work appropriate since I'm going to have my internship soon in March. I think I'll do that after my intern. So, I thought having an ashy brown colour like the picture above would be fine. I really love the colour. But after telling the Senior Hairstylist about it, he suggested me to take a brown colour and he claim that it is ashy too. In the end, I kind of regreted that I trust his instinct. Honestly I think the colour that he chose is the colour that he likes, but unfortunately not what I was looking for. image
Never ever let the hair stylist mess with your head when you have already decide on what you want to do with your hair. Because in the end of the day, it's your hair, and you're gonna be stuck with it for a period of time. 

Like no difference from my previous colour. But at least it's even toned now and my driest hair end had been cut off so it's easier for me to brush away. Didn't know what kind of haircut I should be doing, so I just opt for a side bangs. And again, no drastic changes. It looks like my usual hair-do. image I want to try something different, but I'm just too chicken about it. If only my family runs a saloon, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want without ever needing to pay for it. 

That's it for now I guess! 

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