23/11/13 Mum's birthday din din @ Across The Road, Bangsar

Since mum's birthday was on the 25th of November, just thought of having a nice dinner at some really nice and quiet restaurant during the weekend. So, I suggested Across The Road in Bangsar since, like I said in my last ATR review post, the food was undoubtedly amazing. Also, I think it's been awhile since my mum went to Bangsar for a nice treat.

It looks like a double date, mother & daughter version. 
image hahahahahaimage 

Did you notice the significant changes in the picture qualities that I posted? That's because my mum bought a brand new camera! Haw haw haw! HQ punya lehimage

Ordered le favorite starters, Caramelized onion and Goat Cheese tartlets, RM14

and le Mushroom Bruschetta, RM15

And again, I requested for the special not-in-the-menu cranberry&strawberry&lemon mocktail.

Salmon Carpaccio, RM25
Smoked salmon with mesclun salad, capers and lemon dressing
Eventually I found a dish that didn't taste that satisfying. The salad was quite ordinary and not really worth ordering. I recently found out that smoked salmon are actually made to be salty and I still don't like it. Maybe I should stop eating food that has smoked salmon in it.

Beef Wellington, RM54
Tenderloin beef with mushroom duxelles wrapped in golden puff pastry, served with pearl roasted potatoes, garlic butter mix vegetables and red wine reduction
Again, I love the sauce that they make and the beef was cooked to perfection. 

I'm not sure about this dish because I didn't notice what we were ordering. I think it was a steak but the when I skim through the menu, I couldn't find it. Maybe it was the Lamb Cutlets? I'm not sure so I will not caption this photo. 
Everyone tasted this and thought the flavor was good but then it was actually very hard to chew and I think it's because it was cooked overly well.

Homemade Ravioli, RM29
Couldn't get enough of the creamiest mushroom sauce! Ordered this again for the second visit. Recommended list yo!

Ordered a tiramisu but then we canceled it because the chef said that the tiramisu wasn't good that night so they ask of us to change the dessert if possible. I think the service was really great seeing that they do care about how their customer feel about the food! Thumbs up for quality control!

*Slurp slurp*
What a satisfying lavish dinner. 

Christmas decoration in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Everyone is getting into a festive mood.

"Giant" theme this year.

Went for a drink and cake at La Bodega. And we spotted a peculiar lady behind our table (as shown in the picture). She was very eye-catching actually because of her skimpy dress and odd behavior. We spend our time watching her dancing in her seat and winking at the waiters who passed by. She even have a log book on her table and she was grabbing a pen but the book was empty. We actually theorize that she, a novel writer, was doing a research for her new book by getting into the role of a fictional character. 
Our imagination are awesome okay. No doubt about that. HAHAHA! 

Since there's no tiramisu in Across The Road, I decided to order one in La Bodega. 
The cake was very spongy, chilled and was soaked with... rum? I think? It was quite tasty but the portion was a bit tad small.

How come my mum look so young? 
Omg, I'm a bit sien diao because everyone thought that she looks like my sister and she was actually bragging about that occasionally. image Don't compliment her too much, or else she'll grow wings.

Nevertheless, I love you mummy. 
Hope you had fun and be happy always. I'm sorry for not being a very filial daughter and also for doing things that worries you constantly. Don't nag or get angry so much lah, not good for your health. If you do that, you'll develop wrinkles, I know you don't want that. LOL.
I'm never good at writing wishes and all so... I'm going to end the awkwardness with silence...

image Happy Birthday image

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