My Christmas/Birthday Want List

So.. Every year I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna write this wish/want list post before my birthday. Just to wish some suckers out there would just buy these appropriate things that I will and need to use instead of buying me expensive or inexpensive gifts that I might threw it in the corner of an abandoned building. Just to hope for a(or many) real life Santa Clause to bestow the most precious gifts on me.

So, I'm gonna write something about my last year's wishlist post before I start this year's. 
I asked for........... image
  1. White Instax Mini 8 I bought this one for myself in Feb 2013 and I didn't regret buying it
  2. Yarns and books for crocheting Again, I bought yarns myself and even made some productive things with them this year. As for the book, I download a lot of e-magazine from the internet.
  3. Ukulele Boyfriend splurged on a really good quality one. Which I only touch once a month. LOL. Okay, I think I need to strum on it more often.
  4. A trip to anywhere I went for my first cruise in Penang, first trip to Langkawi and Bangkok this year! So awesome! Looking forward to more great adventures in year 2014!
  5. Food Walao, this one I got plenty of. Plus my mum is so active in baking recently.
  6. Time. Couldn't strike this one off, because... it's time. Time is not kind, he won't give you anything. Can some scientist please find a way to increase time?? Like move our planet farther away from the sun or anything.
  7. Care I'm beginning to appreciate the people surrounding me more, I think..? Get rid of the people that pulls you down and keep the ones that will care and give their time to you when you ask for it.
Honestly, I don't even remember if I received any gifts or present... Except for the ukulele............ It's either I'm a really forgetful person or I'm just a really sad kid.

This year, the Jolly Good Fellow wants

A new phone. 
Currently eyeing on the new Iphone 5S. I would not have wish for this if only my current Iphone 4s is still stable or usable. I'm having a problem with the battery draining super fast. I had to charge my smartphone at least twice a day. Also, it gets very annoying when I want to listen to some music or watch a video and the audio just doesn't work when I need it to.

Computer mouse
Mine is going to die soon. Like real soon. I am having a really hard time using the left-click button. Some times it doesn't work while some times when I click once, it double-clicks in the computer. And right now, it works fine again after a few barbaric bashing on the mouse.

A black long wallet.
Because I lost mine. I really like the one that I was using. I miss it so much. image

Cooking utensils shown above.
The ones in my Cyberjaya home feels like it's gonna poison my food if I cook with them. So yeah. And I just hope the kitchen sink in Cyberia would be bigger. It's so damn small. I keep spilling water at myself when I attempt to wash the dishes.

I think this one is another category. I mean I want to buy it myself rather have them gifted to me. Because caring for a sugar glider needs a lot of commitment and preparation AND a lot of equipment for them little critters. I've been wanting one since few years ago but back then I didn't think I would have the time to manage them.

And now that I truly realized, I seriously don't have enough time to raise them. I will never ever get any pets in the future anymore. Pets are definitely not for me.  

It's almost the beginning of my last year in University. I'm getting scared and excited at the same time. It feels like I'm still a kid but in reality I have to actually be a responsible adult now. No more clumsiness and waiting for good things to happen. If you want it, you go and get it!

I think my ending is kind of random. But heck.

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