Etude House Rosy tint Lips Before Blossom & English Garden Review

It's been like about 3 years since I wrote one. I just felt like doing it since I bought myself some new make-up! I seldom buy make-up because I don't really wear them on a daily basis. I only use it when there's a celebration or special event. But here goes nothing! 
Today I'm going to do a review on 
Etude House's Rosy Tint Lips
#1 Before Blossom 
#6 English Garden.

I first knew about this product from Sunnydahye's video. So, last week during my work-time in Alamanda, I decided to skim around in Etude House and then I saw this. Then I was told that it's Deepavali so most of the items are on Buy 1 Free 1 promotion. "What a steal!" I thought. So, that is why I bought two.

The sponge tip type applicator.
Truthfully, I find it very hard to squeeze the product out as the bottle was quite hard. This is the first time I've seen a lip tint with this kind of applicator.

I really like this outstanding colour! No wonder it's the best-selling one. 

This light pink gives off a really sweet vibe in my opinion. 

The picture on the right is taken 4 hours after my application and I even ate my lunch. 

I think the packaging is really cute and easy to carry around but it is also quite hard to squeeze the bottle. I need to exert much pressure to see the tint coming out but when I released it, it goes back in again and nothing was transferred to the sponge. image I don't want to squeeze too much out because a little goes a loooooooooooooong way. The tint was very light and it doesn't even felt like I've applied anything on my lips. It dries instantly and gives a matte finish too. If you have chapped lips, it is advisable for you to apply some lip balm or Vaseline first because it will actually defines your cracked lips (if you have any). It stays on really well and still looks vibrant even though the colour will transfer when comes in contact with cups or skin. As for the smell, I don't mind the rosy scent because it is really light, you won't even notice it after you apply it.
Overall, I really like the the product but not the packaging and applicator. I some times use my fingers to apply rather than the sponge tip. I also used it as a cream blusher too.

image feels light and has matte finish
image a little goes a long way
image colour is super pigmented
image stays on really well

image hard to squeeze the product out
image sponge tip applicator hard to control

It cost RM55.90 for a 7g tube in Malaysia, which I think is very overpriced because in South Korea, it only cost ₩ 8,500 (around RM25) for one. So, I think I am considered lucky to get two of this with that price. I even got these sample from them! 
I'm not sure about you but when I buy skincare or make-up from some Korean stores in Malaysia, they don't usually give this much samples. Some won't even give them to you unless you ask for it. So I'm pretty surprised.

Colour chart for the other colours from Etude House. I really like the #3 too but I didn't get it. Maybe I'll purchase it in the future. image 

Thanks for reading! 

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