App of the moment, Dayre

Finally! There's an app that targets all bloggers out there! I've only knew about this when I saw a blogger sharing it on her instagram and I got curious so I went to download it. I've actually downloaded it on Monday and I have been writing in daily in there! I'm actually liking it but it's fairly new, so I found some bugs when editing my post but I'm still loving it. Hope they will fix it and add more features in the app soon!

Introducing Dayre!

What is Dayre? 
Dayre is a micro-blogging app which allows you to post bite-sized updates about your day, and you can also post quotes, uploads pictures or videos, and even tag places in your post too!
It is free for download for iPhone and Android users. 

Actually this app reminds me of tumblr but then in the feed page, the post are arranged in daily manner instead arranging it in a timely manner. So, your feed would look something like this.

Yes, Xiaxue is even using it! Now I can see more Dashy photos and videos!! image  

After using it for awhile, I treated it as a diary now. It's been very convenient for me because I don't have to transfer my pictures into my computer, then upload it and start writing about it. I can straightaway write what I'm doing or thinking right now with pictures and even videos. Basically, I think I write more about my life in there. I tried to write the daily things that happened to me in my main blog but sometimes, I think my post is too short for me to even write about it so I don't do it. But now, who cares, I got Dayre for that. image

So many apps to use nowadays. Instagram, twitter, tumblr, facebook, imotiv, etc. I don't even know where should I post my pictures/rants anymore! 

Download the app and follow me!

You can even read the blogger's daily post on your desktop so *click the link above*!


  1. How to add more photos into a post?

  2. Hi Rahida! Just post another picture post. It will automatically be included in the "day post". :)