Across The Road, Bangsar with StarHero

It was my second event with StarHero! So nice of them to invite me again and luckily I didn't pass up this chance to know of Across The Road because their food is ridiculously delicious! The place is relatively new too I think because it was just opened 6 or 7 months ago. It's been awhile since I tasted western food that is this good. 

The owner of Across The Road, Christian. I find him affable and pleasant. He's very informative too. He explained every dish that was served and he even did the serving of the food himself. We were so honored. image

Caramelized onion and Goat Cheese tartlets, RM14
This was our first entree and I'm already impressed. Never knew the combination of these would make such a great snack. Very appetizing and taste so so so goooood

Mushroom Bruschetta, RM15 
image Recommended! image
Bread was toast to perfection and to top it with the mushroom and gravy, oh my. It's like serving my favorite mushroom soup (except it's not in liquid form) on a bread. I love this! 

Salmon Broth with Prawn dumpling, chives and caviar*
Aside from the beautifully served dumpling, the soup has an ambrosial scent and is sweet tasting. It actually reminds me of Chinese Dim Sum and it even taste like it. image

Beef Roll Salad with balsamic, RM27
I didn't really like this as it just taste like capsicum and that's it. I find it weird because it's quite cold but since it's a salad it shouldn't be hot either right? Cold fried breadcrumbs don't taste that good.image

Homemade Ravioli, RM29
image Recommended! image
Fresh homemade pasta stuffed with chicken and mushroom filling. The sauce was amazing and it complements the ravioli so well. 

Vegetable Lasagne, RM25
Basically it has grilled market mixed vegetables layered on homemade pasta in tomato gravy. Very soft and taste good as well.

Beef Burger, RM26
image Recommended! image
Homemade beef burger with melted cheddar cheese served with chunky chips and coleslaw. The size of the burger was very big and it was oozing with such deliciousness. I have to warn you that it is best to eat the beef together with the bread as it can get quite salty if it's just own it's own. One of the best burger I've ever eaten in my life.

Stuffed Chicken with Prawn mousse, RM29
Served with some veggies, a Yorkshire pudding and wild mushroom + mixed herbs + shallot sauce. The portion of the chicken was quite big too and it's was really well-cooked, not too dry and tough but just nice and soft.

Sea Bass roll with young Asparagus*
Served with cheese risotto and spicy seafood broth. The fish was perfectly cooked too! As for the cheese risotto, I am not fond of it but the others said it was nice as well. So I guess it's just a preference. 

Tiramisu, RM17
image Recommended! image
Although it's a bit pricey for the quantity, the tiramisu is definitely top class. It's a little sweet and bitter which I think is image

Cheesecake with Blueberry*
Nothing much to say about this and it was just okay. 

Mixed by Christian himself. At first he made me a mix of Strawberry+lemon+mint+cranberry juice mocktail, although it was really sweet, I am completely swoon by it. image The second one however, I didn't ask what it contains but it's more of a lemony and sourish kind of drink (the picture above). 

Food marked with a * sign means that it's not on the menu/online menu/ or it's on the special daily menu that you will find in the shop. They will try to change things around so if it's good it goes on the blackboard menu, if it's not then it's taken down.

Overall I think Across The Road deserves a
image image image image image

Will definitely come here again with friends and family! Even though it's quite far from my place, I think it's worth the trip. Don't miss dining there or you'll regret never trying it!

Across The Road
(Opposite Menara UOA) 
38-1 Jalan Bangsar Utama 1, Bangsar Utama, 
Bangsar 59000 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours | Monday - Friday : 10am till 10.30pm
Saturday & Sunday : 10am till late

Website | *menu provided in website*

Picture moments

The masterminds behind the scene

The cool table. imageimageimage

Andrea highfive-ing himself for making a statement
With the friendly owner, Christian. He's British by the way! 

With the young, pretty and friendly bloggers, Jessica Chaw and Elaine Ho

So nice to see Amanda and Pandora again!

That's it for now! Ciao~~!

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