Cyber Colors 24 hr Eyebrow Pen 03 Brown Review

Product to be reviewed in this post 
Cyber Colors 
03 Brown
Size | 0.2g
Cost | RM28 from Sasa 
Origin | Korea
*not sure if it's promotion price or original price*

I finished my eyebrow pencil so I bought a new one. Thanks to Zoe for recommending me this one. This is actually my second eyebrow pencil in my life. 

The lead.

The spoolie brush at the other end.

So, I don't really like applying a lot of the product on my eyebrow as I don't want it to look too... canvas-like...? Am I making any sense? I just needed a little bit to fill in the sparse area and also to shape and define it a little bit.

The outcome

I actually like this one better than the first eyebrow pencil that I bought from The Face Shop which is from the Lovely Me Series. That's because I like how it gives minimal shade when you apply it and you can gradually build the colour up, but to some extend. You don't want a pencil to literally draw a thick and pigmented eyebrow, rite rite??? I don't know, but that's just my personal opinion. It looks very natural and it's actually waterproof too. I actually drew some on my hand and tried to rub it off, and I can tell you, it stays on pretty well. So well, that it can stay on for a whole day. The spoolie brush was super soft too, so it didn't irritate my skin.

image Natural looking 
image Waterproof and stays on really well
image Soft spoolie brush

image Needs longer time to apply if you want to archive a "thick" look


As you can see, I didn't give a rating but just comment on what I like or dislike about a product. I think the rating is just based on personal opinion and it is adequate for me to state the pros and cons. So yeah, ending my second make-up review right here and right now. 
Thank you for reading! image

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