Programming Competition? I'm in.

I'll say I'm super inactive in extra co-curricular activities in the university. The only club I've ever joined and have been quite active was for Rover Scout because of some friends in year 2010-2011. Though after most of the seniors graduated, I didn't join in anymore because the friends that I got very close to wasn't there anymore and I thought it was a hassle. You know? Doing things for clubs, means sacrificing sleep, class, and personal time. Not that I spend my time meaningfully the whole time though. Speaking of spending time, I think I'll pick up reading again... or just study my lecture notes should be enough.

Woah, I thought I was just going to write about this competition that I recently joined but then I ended up reminiscing the past.  

I was also a member (or a ghost) in IT Society. Funny story of how I ended up in there, just because of a friend. I did went into one of the orientation event they held but that is just it. And that was like 2 years ago I think. I still receive e-mails from them though occasionally. Then, the e-mail came. "MMU-Intervarsity Programming Competition", the letters staring at me from my Inbox. Curious, I opened and read it rather than just deleting it. I love keeping my Inbox tidy, even my spam box. Then, it hit me. Since I haven't been doing anything productive lately, why not

So, now what? I think I'll need a partner

I went for facebook and ask publicly. Got a few responses. Asked some acquaintances, but they didn't seem to really have much interest in it. Then Alvin came and commented on my status. Life saver. The perfect candidate to be my slave partner. He's one of my old buddies from my foundation intake, he's smart, and he has some experience in these kind of competition before. Bonus! It was his last semester in MMU and although he was busy with his FYP, he came to help me. Where can you find these kind of friends? I'm so grateful.

I just noticed that MMU has changed it's logo to MMU 2.0 on that very day after I saw our tags. Somehow I feel like I'm not a very caring student at all. 

There's quite a number of people entering the competition too. Most of them were IT students of course and some are from other universities. 

Taking a selfie with Alvin while the committee was giving a speech/explanation. image
Can't help it. My focus for listening is getting weaker and weaker. 

Alvin was the coder + thinker and I am the algorithm generator. Sounds so fancy hor? Hahaha! 
The competition was 3 hours. There were 6 questions to be answered but I think 3 of them wasn't very hard. It was easy in fact and everyone did that three only since all questions carries the same mark. In the end, we manage to get 2 questions correct and wasted 1 because of our arrogance and over-confidence that leads us to not bringing any reference book with us. It's an open book competition yet we went in only with some blank papers and a pencil-box. There's no such thing as too prepared, I have learnt my lesson the hard way. We also encountered some problem with their server while submitting our answers. We wasted our time fixing an error that doesn't even exist. Luckily we went to ask about our mistake then realized, it not us but the checking mechanism that they used. Two groups were affected but then we were the only one who approached them for the matter. 
Even though Alvin said he entered this kind of competition before, I can see he's so damn nervous and made some silly mistakes during the 3-hours period. image So funny to see him so flustered. I was also to blame for the mistakes because I didn't help him check the question that he did. Hahaha! It's always good to double-check or triple in fact. 

In the end of the day, we didn't won anything. Well, except for a distinction certificate. Better than nothing right? Maybe I'll try again next year. I think this was a very fun event and I was so excited for it. Even though I said I like programming, I never really did anything meaningful with it except doing my assignments. I think it's good for me to have this kind of exposure. But honestly, I didn't do any revision prior to the day of the event, only a few hours discussion with my partner and we just took it easy. I think I have to fire up a bit the next time I'm in a competition if not, there would be no point. image
Thank you Alvin, for teaming up with me and for spending your time to guide me. I appreciate your help and I enjoyed my time discussing about the problem solving things. It was my first time talking to someone about programming and stuff so deeply and it was so interesting. *laughs* Nerd mode. Let's do it again if there's a chance! E-genting!?!? image

I can proudly say yes, I'm not a dumblonde. (This phrase is directed to my dear uncle, Iven)
I even made my own hangman program from scratch (brag brag brag)! Even though it looks a bit noob but heeeeyyyy, I did it. Woohoo~~~ Okay lah, actually nothing to be proud about, I bet all the engineering students can do it. Hahaha! But surely, you mundanes couldn't . image

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