Bangkok Trip Day 1

Even though it's the start of my new trimester, I went to Bangkok for a short trip with some friends! Bangkok is very well-known for shopping so during our trip there, we didn't really saw much things but we did shop quite a lot. In my case, I went with four other guys. Frankly, I think Bangkok is more suitable for girls and I have to say I had a pretty hard time there because of my incapability to make people wait for me. I just don't like making people wait OR even make me wait. Unless there's another girl with me on that trip then I'll shop away like crazy without caring for the guys' feelings. image

This will be a very heavy photo post. So brace yourself!

with the I❤Brunei guy

and also Choy, Weng Seng and SoonEn

What we need is our handy dandy...?? NOTE TRAVELBOOK!!
Sorry, couldn't resist. If you understand what I'm referencing, that is.

Selcas everywhere

not sure what he's trying to do.. but just focus on Soon En's super duper photogenic face lah okay?

Arrival in Don Mueang International Airport
Tips for finding a taxi in Bangkok!
image Always request for meter-taxi as it will definitely be cheaper
image If the taxi driver said no meter, then move on and ask for another taxi. There's plenty out there.

When we went there, we had little idea on the taxi rates. There were many who would offer no waiting taxi service there. I forgot how much they said it cost but then we told them we agreed to take their taxi but then we were directed to take a meter-taxi instead. Apparently, miscommunication is very easy is you're talking English with the locals. Even though the queue was really long, it didn't take much time until it was finally our turn. We had to take two taxis to the hotel. One of the taxi that we rode (the one that I rode) said that he would take us there for 100 baht/person. There was 3 of us so he's asking for 300 baht. We said we want meter instead, but then he kept silent and unwillingly switched on the meter tab and then told us to pay for the toll (which we should be doing). In the end it cost us more than 300 baht including the toll fees. The other taxi however arrived faster than us and only cost around 210 baht because they skipped the toll. In addition, while we were on the highway, they had to block the road for The King to use so we had to wait awhile until we can move. 
I'm not saying you can try to be smart here and tell the taxi to take the no toll road since we don't know about the traffic condition there but I'm just sharing my experience. 

image Bangkok City Hotel image
This is where we stayed for 3 nights. Thanks to Pwen for introducing this hotel to us. We actually surveyed quite a few hotels and in the end we chose this because of the cheap price and also the condition of the hotel as well. For the five of us to fit in, we booked a Twin room (1290 baht/night) and a Family rom (1690 baht/night) so in the end it amount to RM908 only for 3 nights & 5 person.

I find it favorable because
image breakfast is provided
image provides safety box and fridge
image air-conditioned
image have hair-dryer in the toilet 
image I can use my charger without any converter and also they have four sockets to use (including the tv and fridge sockets)
image very comfortable bed
image have a really nice view
image Walking distance to Ratchatewi BTS station (10-15mins walk away when you turn right after exit)
image 7-eleven is just beside the hotel
image nearby Petchuri Soi 10, can find loads of delicious street food.

They also have an indoor swimming pool but then we didn't have the time to take a dip and the pool is not very spacious. But then it doesn't make any difference to our staying experience there.

The first thing we did after we had checked into our room is going to 7-eleven to buy some drinks! I've read Chanwon's post about her loving the Betagen drink so it made me curious. I bought the biggest bottle and it just taste like Yakult. Nevertheless, I was also hooked and I bought the same drink everyday when we went out for our adventure. image There's also another drink that had become a favorite too, and the name is Fuji Green Tea. Not to be mistaken by Jasmine Tea. It's pure ocha taste!
Since I'm talking about the drink, I might as well say something about the food that they sell there. Unlike Malaysia's 7-eleven, they sell a lot of packaged food that is ready to eat once microwaved (which you can use at the shop itself) and to our surprise, most of them are super yummy! Perfect for supper and must try Mama Spicy Cheese instant noodle, dumplings, and also spaghetti! LOL! 

image Lunch at Petchuri Soi 10 image
We were so hungry by then so we just went to the nearby shops to fill our tummy first.

The first shop that we have spotted after walking past 7-eleven. 

I'm not sure what they are called (since it's all written in Thai) but it resembles Kway Chap but Thailand version. We ordered two with different type of noodle. I prefer the one with the "kuey tiow" noodle than the one above. Very generous on the quantity of beef and definitely delish! 

Just beside the Kway Chap shop.

Yet again, not sure what it's called and again, it's very nice! 

Taken inside the mini shop.

Next one!

I think the third shop serves mostly drinks and food suitable for breakfast because they have a few variety of bread to choose from. We didn't know what to order so we just pointed this and that and *BAM!* the food is served.
This one is pretty ordinary, the only difference is the kaya + milk dipping sauce(?). It taste a little sweet but that's it. Though I eat quite a lot of the fluffy bread.

Our lunch is complete with a cup of refreshing Thai Milk Tea which is reddish brown and it tastes just like Lipton. image

We decided to walk to our next destination by using the small roads. As you can see, there's nothing much going on, but we came across a lot of vendors selling fruits and street foods (like sausages and something that resembles mashed meat) but then we just bought a fried chicken drumstick... of all the things...

Look, I gain a lot of weight recently but bare with me.

This shop caught my eyes

Not sure what this is but it cost us 25 baht for a dozen of these. It's sweet but it taste a little weird. Though tasty when eaten with fresh spring onions and coriander.

I'd like to tell you a funny story regarding me talking in Thai. So, I downloaded an app that teaches basic and common phrases that you can use to talk to the locals there. I wanted to ask how much it cost so I said "Raakha thaorai?" but then I forgot to learn the words for numbers. So when the lady answered me, basically I was standing there staring at her with my mouth open for a few seconds. 
So embarrassing. Then I gave up and ask her "How much?" and then she said 25 baht. I thought it's one for 25 but she gave us a dozen instead. 

Wow, barbarian much?

Statue outside of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
This place seems interesting after I googled about it (like right now) but unfortunately, we didn't went in there. 

Nope, didn't went to MBK too
Basically it's like a shopping centre hub there and you can shop for a week there because they have so many shopping malls gathered in one place. Just to name a few, there's MBK Center, Siam Center, Central World Plaza, Gaysorn, Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon and etc. 
We only walked into Siam Discovery -> Siam Centre -> Siam Paragon

image Between Siam Discovery and Siam Centre image
...there's a few plastic bag trees... the end.

Goofing around like a bunch of tourists

image Siam Centre image

Siam Centre is more like a high-end shopping mall so I don't recommend you to shop here, unless you're shopping for luxurious brands. I couldn't afford most of the things here frankly.

image After You in Siam Paragon image
Highly popular among youngsters like us and recommended by friends and also bloggers (like Chuckei).  

Patiently waiting for our turn. We had to take a number (like how you need to queue in the bank!) and wait for the number to be called.

I guess he's trying to slap the camera man? 

Everyone is just chilling and catching up on their smartphones since they have wi-fi there. Foursquare check-in, instagram, facebook, and you name it.

Hot Cappuccino & Hot Chocolate, 115 baht/drink
Served with cookie and marshmellow

Fuji Apple Crumble, 155 baht & Shibuya Honey Toast, 165 baht
The best-selling toast obviously won our hearts (and tummy) and the apple crumble I think was served in a very unique way. Both are very sweet, and maybe a little too sweet for me.

Even though it's just snacks for us, we spent 870 baht in After You alone. We also ordered Iced Macha Latte, 120 baht and Honey Lemon Tea, 85 baht. The amount of water in my Iced Macha Latte was too little though it was really concentrated and I think most of the space in the cup was occupied by the ice and not the latte itself. Such a bummer. They provide free Thai tea too so I think it's a good idea too just order the food only if you're planning to go there.

Outside and between Siam Centre and Siam Paragon

image Night market and shops in Siam Square image
Shopping time for me!! Quite a lot of nice clothes here but you can't try them on, but even if you can I doubt you will have the time to do it. 


Introduced by a friend and you can see a lot of tourists and locals having their dinner here. 

Som Tam! Super SPICY!!!

Fish cake, Green Curry, Tom Yam and Pandan Chicken

Pineapple fried rice
As you can see the portion small because we ordered it that way. It was enough for us since we ate quite a lot through out the whole day. Overall, it was just normal for me and the food didn't leave any impression on me. Nothing special, not sure what's the hype about. The environment of the restaurant is good though but I don't really like the dim orange light, very hard to see.

image Mango Tango image
Another popular hangout place for youngster. It's just outside of Ban Khun Mae lucky us. The shop was super tiny and many were queuing up for their turn. 

Fruity Yoghurt 75 baht, Mango Aloha 65 baht, and Mango Sticky Rice 120 baht.
 The food portion was suprisingly small. Nevertheless the mango they used was the best, sweet and juicy. 

I didn't like the service there though, it's as though they were looking over our shoulder to check if we've finished and want us to leave the place as soon as possible. Well, it's understandable since the queue was getting quite long outside but it gets on my nerves some how. They should built a bigger shop and put more tables and chairs.

Walking back to the hotel

Spotted a car selling pad thai so we decided to order a takeaway. Unfortunately, I didn't really like it because it's too oily and tasteless. image

The night view at Ratchatewi BTS Station. Quiet in the daytime but lively at night.

Night view that you can see if you're on the 19th floor balcony

Before we rest our head on the bed, we decided to get a massage before eating our 7-eleven supper. There's a few massage centre below the hotel. So, if you're walking towards the BTS, you'll find it for sure. We didn't try the nearest one as it looked too bright and not very promising so we went to the third one that we came across, Zen Tara which we thought the place emits a really relaxing and zen atmosphere. Only 200 baht for an hour! Very cheap and good service. 

End of day one.

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For those who would like to refer to my itinerary, here's a link to my google doc


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