Bangkok Trip Day 2

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image Pratunam Market image
We woke up around 7am and ate our breakfast in our hotel before heading out. I'd say we reached this place around 9am plus plus. Most of the shops were either just closing or just about to open, I'm not sure. But according to this blog post that I found on google, it is said that...
Technically, the market runs twenty-four hours. Realistically, your shopping will be between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. Though keep in mind you are in Thailand. Some shops won’t be opened by 10:00 am and many will have closed by 4:00 pm. The air-conditioned stores around the market’s perimeter stay open later, until 9:00 pm, and there is a decent night market that sprawls out and across Ratchaprarop Road that can run into the early morning hours depending on the weather, the crowds, and the mood of the vendors.
So yeah... We did went into a building that consist of a few floors and we shop for quite awhile in there. Most of them don't accept bargains and won't let you have a discount (unless you're asking for a 10 baht discount) but if you think that the item is not worth the amount that the person has stated, please tell them the price that you want to get for it. That's because I bought a handbag there, it's quite good quality and... very heavy. The sales girl told me it's 1100 baht but when I was hesitating and looking at the bag for awhile, the guy next to me (who was actually making some other bags with his tools) told me he will sell it for 500 baht. I was like wtf?? BUY! Then when the other workers knew about it they were talking loudly and laughing at that guy. I'm not sure what they were saying but I hope this is not one of the techniques to make their customer buy their things. Nuff said, I paid for it and we quickly walk away until the shop is not in our line of sight anymore. 

*scratch scratch* XD 
Getting lost in the middle of nowhere

You can find streets shop near Platinum Mall too but most of them are just selling shirts and more or less the same thing. 

image McDonalds at Platinum Mall image
We were just very tired from walking and was undecided about our next destination so we went to the nearest air-conditioned place to rest our tired feet.

These are plastics instead of paper!

Pork Burger and Spinach Pie from McDonald. 
I think the burger was just ordinary and yuck, spinach pie??!?!

image Terminal 21 image
No, we didn't went into each and every toilet of the mall. I just went into one and we didn't really had the time or interest to do so. I think we'll look silly to the locals there if we did that. Haha. If you don't understand why I said this, it's because in Terminal 21, they have different themes for different floors of the mall. 

Like... Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ 

This would be such a great picture if only the hand was cut off with an axe.

image Farm Design image
It's tea time! There's so many shops to choose from but  we chose this place as it looks very cute and unique and they serve cakes & pudding too.
Green Tea Cheesecake(?) and Moo Moo Pudding
image the pudding so much but the desserts are quite pricey too. Sorry, I didn't take note on the price.

image Thong Lor BTS image
It's food hunting time! We followed and searched for the food according to this map found in this importfood website. We didn't actually found all of them but just some.

image Mae Varee image
Highly popular and well-known for their mango sticky rice. A must try if you're in Bangkok.

I want more!!! Super yummy and sweet mango!

image Chow Lei Seafood image

We ordered Fried Oyster and Seafood Pad Thai. Both are surprisingly delicious too! but they are around 100-120baht for a serving

image Sukhumvit 38 image
Consists of smaller shops and varieties of food to choose from and are cheaper too I guess. It was quite difficult for us to search for the corresponding shops there as all of the words are written in Thai. So we had to ask for help and they are friendly enough to take us to the shops.

Rice Porridge with Pork.
Taste like normal porridge that you can find in Malaysia but it's tasteless.


Pad See Ew, Noodle with gravy. The beef was too sweet, it's so weird! Didn't like this one.image 

Nong Amp serving Thai Desserts

Fresh Spring Rolls that can be found next to the dessert shop. Thai version of popiah with a little crab meat and sweet sauce on top. 

No. 1 and 2 from the menu. I'm sorry, I have no idea what they are called. But the black one was really taste both of them are very refreshing.

image Suda Restaurant image
Recommended by a friendly acquaintance (Xiao Ming's mother's friend) and got to know that it is widely popular among foreigners. It's true! Because all I can see are anyone but locals there! Except for the locals that are working there.
Ah Tam was there too since he was there for his business trip!

and yet again, all of the food are chosen based on appearance of the pictures in the menu.  
Everything was quite ordinary in my opinion. Sorry, nothing to elaborate because I don't remember much about them. 

To end this post, here's a picture of the guys excited with their newly bought clothing. Making quite a scene here and their and some even said that they look gay! 
That's it for day two!

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For those who would like to refer to my itinerary, here's a link to my google doc

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